Press Release
January 17, 2015

Statement of Sen. Bam Aquino on the Work of Pope Francis for the Poor

May the visit of Pope Francis serve as an opportunity for everyone to reflect on his work with the poor and the marginalized.

In solidarity with the Pope's call to build a Church of the poor and for the poor, we must ensure that the Philippine government is a government completely and utterly focused on fighting poverty and providing opportunities for our countrymen.

He has challenged us to reexamine our Christian faith and lifestyle.

Even before he was Pope, he pushed for jobs and enterprises with his work in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is the call that we must heed - helping our countrymen means going beyond the common understanding of charity. It is giving them dignity and the opportunity of earning for themselves and their families.

Government, together with the private sector and every Filipino, must promote and support this call.

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