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January 28, 2015

Cayetano: MILF wants dictatorship over BBL-covered areas
Uproar over massacre a 'wake up' call to gov't

Sen. Alan Peter S. Cayetano castigated the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for playing down the murder of 44 PNP-SAF men as a mere misencounter that it said should not affect the peace process and the enactment of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Cayetano said if the MILF maintains this position and does not show any effort to show genuine sincerity, then it may be a preview of what's to come if the BBL is passed into law: a violent dictatorship over the areas covered by the measure.

"It is time to open our eyes to the impunity by how the MILF disregarded, not only the rule of law, but the value of human life in Sunday's gruesome killing of our policemen. We should wake up. We are focused on peace but the government is surrendering to the MILF. What is clear is that this is an indication of how they would act in case the BBL is passed into law, which is to run their areas like a dictatorship," said Cayetano, who earlier withdrew his support and co-authorship signature for the BBL.

"Ngayon pa lang na hindi pa binibigay ang areas nila ay ganyan na ang ginagawa, pano pa kung me kapangyarihan na sila? Bawal ang pulis, bawal ang law enforcement at bawal ang walang coordination."

The senator said that the MILF by coddling terrorists and their supporters is a cause for grave concern.

"This early, it is clear that the MILF's plan is to set up a totalitarian kingdom, which will also be safe haven for terrorist and violence. If the BBL is killed where it stands, it is because of the MILF's lack of sincerity," he said.

Earlier, Cayetano said the MILF wanted power more than peace in Mindanao. He submitted a letter to the Senate to signify his position.

"Already the country is losing in the war against drugs. Imagine if terrorists and drug lords find a haven in one region and become untouchable just because there is no coordination?" Cayetano said.

"If this massacre happened anywhere else in the country, the government will be up in arms and perpetrators will be brought to justice. Why is the MILF, who obviously still has ties with BIFF and terrorists, so special?"

What is worst, he added, is the MILF warning to the government against entering Maguindanao and not to pursue perpetuators of the massacre.

"There will only be true peace if government is in control and there is one law applicable to all."

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