Press Release
February 4, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the exchange of media statements between the PNP and AFP leadership on the Mamasapano incident

SPFMD: They should shut up. I am asking them to shut up and speak only officially to the official bodies investigating this incident.

Q: But there are many official bodies investigating.

SPFMD: Whatever it is, they should speak during those official investigations.

Q: Ano po ang magiging impact po nitong bangayan nila sa bansa?

SPFMD: There is an impact. Given their positions in government, the tense situation is not helped any by such batuhan, by among such officials.

Q: To both the AFP and the PNP officials?

SPFMD: Yes, to the both of them.

Q: Yung calls for President Aquino to resign over the incident?

SPFMD: I will not even dignify that with an answer.

Q: On the Supreme Court final ruling on the DAP's unconstitutionality

SPFMD: Let us move on. They instated what we knew - that it was done in presumption of good faith, the presumption of regularity in the performance of functions that got confused in the earlier decision, this time they clarified it. I think everybody has accepted the decision. The Supreme Court has spoken. Let us move on.

Q: May request daw po from Speaker Sonny Belmonte na joint hearing na lang daw sa Congress yung Mamasapano massacre?

SPFMD: I have to consult my colleagues. We have four resolutions in the Senate calling for an investigation in the incident. The Committee on Public Order will already start the hearing on Monday. I have to consult my colleagues.

Q: Sumulat po ba sa inyo si Speaker Belmonte regarding that?

SPFMD: I have not seen that letter yet.

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