Press Release
February 5, 2015


A Public Utility Bus was once again involved in an accident on February 5, Thursday. Report and images show that a Toyota Vios was completely run over and crushed by a Dela Rosa Transit bus on the northbound lane of EDSA. Fortunately, the driver of the Vios only suffered minor injuries and was immediately rescued. However, the driver of the bus was nowhere to be found after the accident.

This kind of accident involving PUBs is not new. Only last year, a series of accidents can be recalled which involved public buses. These prove that there is something missing in the regulation of public utility buses.

The incident happened a day after the Senate Subcommittee on Transportation started its Technical Working Group (TWG) discussion on the Speed Limiter Bill. Earlier last week, the subcommittee chaired by Senator Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito who is also one of the proponents of the measure conducted its second hearing. Senator JV emphasized the importance of the proposed legislation, to finally curb fatal accidents caused by public utility vehicles. He said that it could solve most of the problems but it should come hand in hand and complement other road safety policies.

Present at the TWG were bus operators associations and cooperatives, LTFRB, LTO, DTI, speed limiter manufacturers, among others. The group approved to include in the coverage public utility buses including all buses considered as common carriers. Pending for resolution is the kind of speed limiter to be used while the group still has to discuss some issues such as financing and regulation of the device on its next TWG scheduled next week.

Senator JV was optimistic and is expecting the passage of the consolidated bills before the 16th Congress adjourns for the upcoming national election.

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