Press Release
February 23, 2015

Senator JV Pushes for a Better Version of the Speed Limiter Bill

The Sub-committee on Transportation chaired by Senator JV Ejercito will hold another Technical Working Group (TWG) on Monday, February 23, 2015 to discuss the salient points of the bills proposing for the installation of speed limiters in public utility vehicles (PUVs).

During the last TWG, the group composed of representatives from the government and the transport sector agreed on the coverage of the bill which will be narrowed down to Public Utility Buses (PUBs) and buses qualified as common carriers. This will include tourist, company service and school buses among others that are generally used for mass transport.

The sub-committee still has to resolve some salient features of the bill. Some of these are the speed limit to be adopted by covered vehicles traversing in different highways with different speed limits and the rule on buses that are ready to be phased-out among others.

The sub-committee is expecting to finish the TWG today to finally speed up its approval in the Senate.

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