Press Release
February 25, 2015


Today, we remember the days when Filipinos stood united at EDSA, calling for the abolition of a dictatorship.

Young as I was, I saw how compassion, mercy and love for country linked the hands, minds and hearts of the people with those of the soldiers who were ordered to control and pacify the crowd. Everyone who were present there, on those days of unrest would remember how the resounding cry of freedom felt.

On February 25, 1986, the people's voice was heard. On that day, Filipinos were not only liberated from tyranny and oppression, we also initiated a different kind of revolution, one that ended in peace, without a drop of blood being shed.

The recent Mamasapano incident has left us all in grief and hungry for justice. As we recover from this tragedy, may we be reminded of the lessons of People Power.

People Power has taught us that we, as Filipinos, can transcend over divisions of class, sex and religion - that we can be united in the belief of freedom, dignity and truth.

May the spirit of the EDSA Revolution continue to guide and inspire us as we seek the truth about the tragedy that claimed the lives of the heroic 44 SAF commandos.

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