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March 14, 2015

Peace panel resorting to "squid tactics"
Prove that I was lying- Cayetano

The tact of the government peace panel questioning his involvement in the peace process is but a squid tactic.

Senator Alan Peter S. Cayetano on Friday said the panel's latest response to his facts is merely an attempt to distracting or confuse the public, likening it to a squid, which is well known to secrete inky material when a predator is nearby.

"The most important question is, was I telling the truth? If I was lying and all the materials I presented were not true, the peace panel should have said it outright."

He pointed out that in the earlier statement issued by peace panel members Yasmin Busran-Lao and Senen Bacani, they said his statements were subject to verification by the intelligence community.

"Kung sinungaling ako, at kung ang mga sinasabi ko ay hindi totoo, sabihin na lang ng peace panel na hindi totoo 'yan. Pero tingnan n'yo 'yung inquirer article, may kasunod - "kung totoo ang sinasabi ni Sen. Alan, bahala na 'yung sa intel ang mag-verify."

Sen. Cayetano added " And yet Sec. Ging Deles admitted during the Senate hearings that they have an updated intel"

Cayetano said that sources of his statements on the MILF were from the police and military, the same sources of Deles' intel.

"Ang nagbibigay sa akin niyan, pulis at militar, active at retired, at 'yan ay nasa intel. Bakit hindi nila pinansin ang intel?"

He stressed that the emails he presented during his speech at the Senate were from the accounts of Marwan and his brother, which were used by US prosecutors in California.

"Lahat po 'yan ay factual. Bakit hindi po nila buksan ang mata nila at tingnan nila 'yan," Cayetano said, referring to peace panel members.

On the panel's question why he is speaking against the BBL and the MILF only now, Cayetano clarified that he was not part of the peace panel.

"Now and then they hold briefings at the Senate, but because of the numerous activities in the Senate, we have to send staff members to the said briefings."

Cayetano maintained that he initially believed in the MILF and the peace promised by the BBL which was why he signed as a co-author.

"But my signing as co-author of the BBL was subject to the formulation of a Mindanao development plan, because we cannot have peace in the area if we limit it to ARMM. And my condition is that the MILF should be committed to peace and democracy."

He reiterated his challenge to the peace panel to verify or dispute his claims in his privilege speech last Wednesday.

Cayetano said Marwan was not only being coddled by the MILF, but the group had arms build-up and links to terror groups Al-Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah.

He also questioned the peace panel's mindset, as he pointed out that they have been acting as spokespersons for the MILF and are not protecting the interests of the government. This prompted him to ask the President to fire Sec. Deles and Chairperson Ferrer.

He laid down four conditions for the MILF in order to bring back trust and credibility in the peace process.

The conditions are: 1) the MILF put down their arms and prove that they have truly turned their back on terrorism; 2) dismantle weapons factories; 3) stop building new camps and allow for a comprehensive inspection by a neutral international team; and 4) surrender or join government forces in hunting down Usman and Umbra Kato and all terrorists in their areas.

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