Press Release
March 17, 2015

Poe report is FPJ -fair, perceptive and judicious

Pinasadahan ko ng mabilis ang ilang parte ng report.

My first impression is that it is Fair, Perceptive and Judicious - FPJ.

It will contribute so much in explaining the tragedy that was Mamasapano, in drawing lessons so it won't happen again, assign culpabilities, and prescribe recommendations, which, if followed, will hasten the process of healing and the delivery of justice.

I think the report should be read together with the BOI. Each complement the other. Combined, the two give us a good picture of what really happened and the road map going forward.

So the equation is: this report plus the BOI equals a high-definition picture of what happened. The reports do not clash. They are complementary.

The Poe report correctly pointed out when the command structure fractured, and what could have been done by high officials to save the day and turn the tide for our troops.

The report minced no words in pinning blame on those who coddled the terrorist, rightly called the incident a massacre, and did not tiptoe around US involvement and sponsorship. Clearly, their men were embedded with SAF. Walang coordination sa Army, sa AFP, hindi alam ng SILG, hindi alam ng Acting Chief of PNP, pero alam ng mga Amerikano.

Because Senator Grace has invited us to attach to the report our own findings and recommendations, I will be gladly submitting my own written concurrence.

Specifically, I would call that the Fallen 44, the wounded and the survivors be commended, the civilian casualties compensated. Because a good report does not only condemn, it must also commend.

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