Press Release
May 6, 2015

Senator JV files a Senate Resolution to commend and recognize
Manny Pacquiao's latest fight with Floyd Mayweather

On May 4, 2015, Senator Joseph Victor G. Ejercito filed Senate Resolution No. 1307 entitled "Resolution Commending the People's Champ Congressman Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao for his exceptional performance during "The Fight of the Century" against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and for contributing to the Filipino pride"

The Filipino People once again witnessed our "Pambansang Kamao" Manny Pacquiao display his boxing prowess against a seemingly formidable opponent in the person of undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr. last May 3, 2015. Although PacMan lost the bout, he has won the hearts of us all--a true people's champ.

Manny, known for the excitement he brings everytime he fights inside the ring, unrelentingly pursued Mayweather but the latter chose to run and dance around to the people's disappointment. It was very clear that Manny came to win and Mayweather came not to lose.

"Despite his loss, Manny Pacquiao was able to gain the respect of the international community, considering him as the best boxer in the world, calling him the winner of the people's heart for his greatness inside and outside the ring, and for his exceptional talent and heart for the sport of boxing," said Senator JV Ejercito.

Manny Pacquiao's struggles in life, not just in boxing, shows the capacity of the human spirit's to overcome all adversity that hinders a person's want to better himself. The result of the last fight of Manny does not eclipse this lesson.

Coming from humble beginnings, he persevered and triumphed. His achievements in boxing set his loved ones into a secured life while uniting the country behind his endeavors, giving each one of us another reason to be proud to be Filipinos.

According to Senator Ejercito who is a close friend and former colleague in the House of Representatives; "The contributions of Congressman Manny Pacquiao to the sport of boxing shall forever leave an indelible mark not only in the hearts and minds of the Filipino People but of the whole world regarding him as one of the best fighters in the world of sports."

His examples transcend his persona inside the ring, helping those in need, being an advocate of various issues and serving his constituent as a lawmaker. Cong. Emmanuel Pacquiao deserves our thanks and gratitude. He is a true champion of the people.

"Boxing owes so much to Manny for bringing excitement and fire for the past 14 years! Each time he puts on those gloves and steps on the ring, he carries his whole nation on his shoulders. As we look back on all the great fights that Manny has given us, we can only smile as we reminisce the greatness of this dynamo from the Philippines. We will never see another Manny Pacquiao in this lifetime." Ejercito said.

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