Press Release
May 7, 2015


Q: Sir ano masasabi niyo, mababa daw yung grade nya sa psychological test (Bautista)?

SEN TG (STG): To me that's not an issue. To me what's more important is his performance. He is an established law dean who has a very sound academic background, and at the same time he has performed very well under the PCGG.

Q: ( hearing on the Chinese intrusion)

STG: Ang maganda sa mga hearing na ito, dito natin nakita na kelangan we have to go out of the box. Hindi lang arbitration, kundi...iba pa. ngayon kung ano yung iba pa, yun yung kailangang isipin natin--kailangan nating pag-isipang mabuti. Pangalawa, maganda yung binigay na issue na hindi lang ito 'foreign affairs' kundi 'people affairs' din.

Q: what's the next step? Ano pa yung ibang avenues?

STG: actually right now more brainstorming. Right now there are only two options. Di ba they were saying military option, that we need to build up the military. Then there's the diplomatic option. The other options might be: why not the governor of Hainan, governor of Pangasinan and Zambales talk together? Make it a local government issue. People to people issue. Why not set aside the territorial claims muna so that fishermen of all nations can fish there? And put aside a sanctuary for the giant clams. Yung mga ganun na out of the box, para at least, slowly, we can show that cooperation can be done, and that the need to use military force need not be done.

Q: Sir kayo ung nag imbestiga sa PDAF scam, disappointed din ba kayo kay Secretary de Lima?

STG: She still has a chance to correct herself. She should pursue everything that she started--with the same vigor with the first batch, with the second batch. She should do her job.

Q:Sir wala na daw time?

STG: There's still up to May next year.

Q: Unless mag pursue siya ng candidacy?

STG: Well that's another matter. Then she might have to resign, I don't know. But while she's still there she has to do her best.

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