Press Release
May 11, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On PNoy's meeting with Senator Poe

SPFMD: I am not totally aware.

Q: What is your take on that?

SPFMD: That is part of the duties of the President as Chairman of the Party to seek the views of every sector. That is the prerogative of the President. I was not in the meeting.

Q: Matagal na bang pinupush ng LP ang tambalang Poe-Roxas for 2016?

SPFMD: That matter is a prerogative of the President to consult every sector.

Q: Sir open po ba kayo sa prospect of adopting another non-LP member?

SPFMD: That is a matter for the President to decide.

Q: Sabi po ni Senator Poe, icoconsult niya daw po sa mga party-mates niyo.

SPFMD: Then at that point we will express our views. At this point, the President is doing the consultations.

Q: As far as LP is concerned, si Mar pa rin ba ang presidential bet?

SPFMD: That is our presumptive candidate, but of course we have to seek the opinion of highest official of the land and our party chairman.

Q: Kelan po ba magdedecide and Liberal Party for their candidates?

SPFMD: Wala pang schedule.

Q: Yung meeting of the President with Senator Poe, does it threaten the possibility na baka si Secretary Mar ang presidential candidate?

SPFMD: The President is undertaking consultations of every sectors, because of the broad coalition that he heads.

Q: What does "consultations" mean?

SPFMD: I would address that to the President. All I know is that he is making consultations.

Q: Nagpaalam po ba ang President sa LP sa pakikipagusap niya kay Senator Poe? SPFMD: I don't think that the President needs anyone's permission.

Q: Posible po ba dahil dun sa meeting na hindi si Secretary Mar ang maging candidate?

SPFMD: Hindi ko alam. Hindi ko nga alam na may meeting.

Q: Sir dun po sa COA report sa consultancy fees ng Senate?

SPFMD: I have not seen the COA report. When I saw the news report this morning, I directed Secretary Yabes to submit to me a report on this point. Having said that, the matter of hiring consultants is a prerogative of each senator. The consultancy agreement and the number of consultants, and who these consultants are, are not cleared with my office. I do not sign any consultancy agreements.

The senator concerned decides on that on the basis of his or her need within his or her assigned budget. I do not interfere on that, that is part of the independence of each senator as who to hire as consultants.

Nevertheless, I have asked Secretary Yabes to look into this and to submit to me a report.

Q: Wala po bang limit yung pwede nilang gamitin for consultancy?

SPFMD: May budget iyan.

Q: Paano po ba kapag lumagpas sa "ceiling"?

SPFMD: Ay hindi pupwede. There is a budget equally assigned to all senators. Pare-pareho iyan. How they utilize it in the number of consultants and kung magkano ang ibabayad sa consultants, depende po iyan sa senador at sa kanyang need.

Q: Do you think Grace Poe will make a good vice-president?

SPFMD: That is a matter for the President, the President is undertaking consultations and I do not want to preempt him. As LP Vice-Chairman, I will rely on the judgment of the President.

Q: So the President really has the say?

SPFMD: Yes, of course.

Q: Does he have to consult other party members?

SPFMD: That is not obligatory of the President. We do not oblige him.

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