Press Release
May 19, 2015

Senate orders arrest of 14 individuals for contempt

Senate President Franklin M. Drilon signed the detention and arrest order against several individuals who were earlier cited for contempt by the Blue Ribbon committee for their continued refusal to attend its investigation on alleged anomalies on various projects including the construction of the Makati City Hall Parking Building.

"I have signed today the order of arrest and detention against 14 individuals for their repeated refusal to appear before the committee investigating the questionable transactions involving the construction of various government projects, which allegedly involved Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay," said Drilon.

The order said that the 14 individuals are being ordered arrested and detained "for unduly refusing to appear before the Subcommittee notwithstanding the valid issuance of Subpoena ad Testificandum for the hearing scheduled on October 30, 2014 and thereby delaying, impeding, and obstructing the inquiry into the alleged P1.601 Billion overpricing of the 11-storey New Makati City Hall Parking Building, the reported overpricing of the 22-storey Makati City Hall Building at the average cost of P240,000 per square meter, and related anomalies..."

Drilon said that "it is most important to show everyone the need to respect the Senate's authority and abide by its subpoena orders, which are issued in order to gather resource persons who can aid the committee in unearthing the truth."

"Otherwise, people will ignore the Senate's invitations to join hearings as resource persons, and the senators will be prevented from making their investigations and doing their jobs," he added.

Among those ordered arrested and detained are:

1. Aida F. Alcantara
2. Danilo Villas
3. Vissia Marie Aldon
4. Kim Tun S. Chong
5. Imee S. Chong
6. Irene S. Chong
7. Hirene U. Lopez
8. Kimsfer S. Chong
9. Erlinda S. Chong
10. Irish S. Chong
11. Gerardo S.Limlingan Jr.
12. Antonio L. Tiu
13. James L. Tiu
14. Anne Lorraine Buencamino-Tiu

The Senate Sergeant-At-Arms is directed to carry out and implement the order within 24 hours.

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