Press Release
May 26, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On President Aquino's offer of meeting with senators

SPFMD: We welcome the statement of the President that he is willing to sit down with the senators to discuss the BBL. However, we would like to see first the committee report in order that we will know how far would be the disagreements insofar as the senators are concerned.

In other words, to me today we find it premature, but certainly at the point when the opinions of the senator or the differences in the opinions have framed up, and we see a wide divergence in the views, then we would welcome sitting down with the President as the political leader of this country, to see where we can (reconcile.)

That's what will happen. As I said, we will first wait for the committee report, we will feel or find out what the views of the senators are, the different points. Then at that point if there is a wide disparity of views of the different senators then certainly we will not discount sitting down with the President to see what we can do to reconcile these divergent views of these senators.

Q: What would be the goal of that meeting?

SPFMD: Well the goal of that meeting would be to reconcile if there are differences of the views of the senators.

Q: How will you avoid the possible public perception that the President will be trying to influence the senators?

SPFMD: The President is the political leader of our country. He is the head of the government, and there is nothing unusual about this process.

Q: Sabi po ni Senator Serge, baka isipin daw po ng public, you are all taking favors from Malacanang, may idadangle daw po.

SPFMD: Precisely what we will like to do that is after the committee report is filed, so we will see how the senators will look at it and let's see how wide the differences are. There will be differences. So it is at that point when we will decide whether there is a need for the highest political leader to try to reconcile these.

Q: Ang target pa rin po ba ay makasabay ang Bangsamoro sa 2016 elections?

SPFMD: That is the desired target.

Q: Yung June 11, kaya pa po ba iyon?

SPFMD: I would not know, until I see the committee report, ay hindi ko alam.

Q: Magkakaroon pa po ba ng special session?

SPFMD: Hindi ko pa alam.

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