Press Release
June 17, 2015

Sen. Pia hails TRO vs Torre de Manila
Statement of Sen. Pia S. Cayetano

"With its issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the construction of DMCI's Torre De Manila, the Supreme Court recognized the urgent and solemn need to protect our culture and heritage. It sends the strong message that the Rizal Shrine is not just any old structure that anyone could toy around with, but a sacred symbol of our nationhood and history as a people."

"I hope that the TRO would serve as a reminder to property developers and other business groups to be more circumspect in their actions, and to make it part of their corporate vision to contribute to the preservation of our rich heritage and culture instead of damaging it."

"I also call on the public to stay vigilant in your own communities. Stand strong in preserving our rich heritage and culture, and likewise take your local authorities to task to protect and preserve these."

"For our local governments let us be reminded by Rizal's immortal words: 'Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paroroonan.' We can never claim to have achieved genuine development if we would allow our history and heritage to be desecrated."

"The TRO issuance is a step in the right direction towards what we hope to be a permanent ruling that would preserve the Rizal Monument and its landscape for future generations to appreciate. The timing also takes special relevance. Coming just a few days ahead of the 154th birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal and Father's Day, the TRO is like our generation's symbolic gift to our national hero and one of the founding fathers of the freedom and democracy we enjoy today. But this is just an initial battle that we have won. We see a long struggle ahead, but we are committed to continue to fight on the side of history. "

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