Press Release
August 6, 2015

Kapihan sa Senado Transcript with Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

On failure to submit substitute bill last Monday

Marcos: It took longer than we had anticipated. I asked for a few days and I think today we will finish. There are only two items left that we haven't been able to finish - one, some aspects of the decommissioning process and secondly, safety of tenure for the civil service workers in ARMM and all the subsequent civil service servants who will be working for the Bangsamoro government. Inaayos na lang 'yung and I think that will be the last two areas that we still haven't finished.

On whether there was an intention to delay the submission of the report

Marcos: No. To what end? There's no reason for us to delay but I am confident that when people will see the final version they will understand why we have been very careful and that we tried to address every problem or shortcoming or lack of clarity that we encountered at the draft BBL. Sa palagay ko sa pagkanakita na 'yung final version maunawaan kung bakit kailangan busisisin talaga ang lahat bawat salita doon sa draft BBL.

On the number of provisions amended from the original draft

Marcos: There are 115 provisions, I think about... let me give a percentage, would 80 percent be reasonable? When you mean amend, it means any change, kung minsan we move the comma, kung minsan we move the proviso from the beginning to the end. So, that kind of thing but there are certain areas, especially those that are talking about policy, that are talking about basic concepts of maintaining for example history and culture in the approach to certain aspects such as FDI, such as foreign loans, hindi na naming ginalaw 'yong. As I said before, much that we had to do was to clarify dahil minsan pag-nakita ninyo, pag-basa ninyo hindi mo masyadong maunawaan...ano ibig sabihin nito? So, we have tried to clarify, that is why we have to change the words.

On how the 80 percent changes will affect the original draft

Marcos: Ganito na lang, hindi halos 80 percent...parang kinuha mo 'yong 80 percent pinalitan mo ng bago. Ibig sabihin 80 percent of the provisions have some kind of amendment to it, some are major amendments, some are minor amendments. There are provisions that we moved the comma, that is an amendment. There are provisions that we changed the entire paragraph, so of the 115 provisions had some amendments, small or big. I think when the matrix is published, you will see exactly where the changes are. How it will affect? It think the major change that we did is the inclusiveness. Whereas, the draft BBL talks solely about the MILF, we learned our lessons from our hearings and tried to involved the sultanates, tried to involve the other tribes, tried to involve the LGUs, business communities, all of these elements na sa amin palagay kulang ang focus sa draft BBL.

On deleted provisions in the substitute BBL draft Marcos: Meron kami na dinelete na provisions. I think those provisions would be similar to those provisions that were deleted in the House dahil pareho naman 'yong thinking but again, I have tried, in a sense, to isolate myself from all the versions para hindi naman ma-influence so we see it for what it is...and judge it, change it and amend it for what it is. And read it objectively without the influence of other versions coming into play. I will await, I am sure pag-release na 'yong draft namin the commission transition authority will also have a comment but we cannot be constraint by that. We will try to work with whatever it is that we have before us.

On adopting the original BBL

Marcos: Walang pag-asa 'yung. In the original form, the draft BBL will not pass the House, it will not pass the Senate. That, I can tell them categorically - that is from talking to my friends in the House, talking to the leadership of the House and listening to the statements of the speaker, that is clear. And the same thing here in the Senate. 'yong draft BBL, hindi talaga papasa rito 'yan. If we force a vote today or rather, on next session day on the draft BBL as originally conceived and written, it will fail. It will not be passed. So, the best next step is to find a version that will pass and the only way to do that, at least I know in the Senate, is to make sure that all the other senators are involved in the actual writing of the Senate version.

For example, in the transition authority, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA). In its original conception, it was all MILF. What came out in the hearings was that if the BTA is completely MILF, then it will be overly favourable and not fair because they will overly favour the MILF when it comes to the election. So, what we tried to do si to make the membership of the BTA more inclusive. We have tried to include, as I said, all the stakeholders we have identified during the hearings. Now, it is still going to be led by the MILF because we must accept the idea that the peace agreement was written by the Philippine government and the MILF so they will take the lead. But however, it is more open in the sense that we have made it easier for the other sectors, groups to have representatives in the BTA. Secondly, even in the parliament, we have given seats, reserved seats, for certain sectors like (inaudible), women, youths, sultanates, the council of elders is more inclusive. We are just giving those groups, that are in my judgement, are necessary to the peace process. If we were to exclude them, the chances for success would be lessened and to include them, the chances of success would be improved. To give it as good of chance as we can to success we have to include everyone.

We have an opt-in provision but that is only in the first election. The opt-in provision is..halimbawa, the list of areas that will have a plebiscite. Halimbawa, 'yong isang LGU, a city or province is not included, and they would like to be included in the plebiscite before the first election, then we have allowed them to do that. The same 10 percent, by the approval of 10 percent of the voting populace, they will be included in the plebiscite. That is as far as we can go. But after the formation of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, wala na opt-in.

The opt-in is not really workable. Even in the original opt-in for the first plebiscite, kailangan contiguous at hindi kasama ang dagat sa contiguouity. The reason the opt-in did not work because the original concept of the opt-in provision was to allow any LGUs, contiguous or otherwise ... I tried to apply all my knowledge, experience, advise on matters of local government and we could not administer a non-contiguous LGU that will be included in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

On whether parts of Palawan are part of the opt-in

Marcos: Hindi na kasi hindi na kasama ang dagat. Cotabato and Isabela cities are still included and they had voted no previously. Nasa kanila na 'yong. Cotabato for example, is a special case because that's the seat of government so we really have to (inaudible) on the plebiscite again. Isabela City is also included because it is a city. So cities and provinces, which is the same procedure previously in ARMM, sinundan namin 'yong. So, since it's a city, let them vote. There are no other provinces.

On the deleted "unconstitutional provisions"

Marcos: 'Yong creating Bangsamoro Comelec, COA and CSC. Also, the Ombudsman Office and the Commission on Human Rights. What we tried to do was to align it as close as we could to the situation in a standard LGU in a province. Kung halimbawa, lahat nang Comelec may regional office, so ginaya namin 'yong regional office. Of course, this is not an ordinary region, this is an autonomous region, enhanced 'yong kanilang duties and functions. Ang the coordination with the parliament, the chief minister is also strengthened.

On the functions of the Police

Marcos: Ginawa namin pulis, normal na pulis. Kung ano ang situation sa provincia, ganoon din ang situation sa Bangsamoro. Basta walang kaibahan ang pulis sa Bangsamoro Autonomous Region sa pulis sa ibang lugar doon sa amin version

On revenue sharing

Marcos: Isa pa 'yong na naging mahirap because 'yong revenue sharing, 'yong amounts, hindi na namin masyadong ginalaw dahil sa palagay ko ito 'yung mga calculations kung gaano kalaki ang maging (inaudible) grant... kasi ang daming account hindi lang isa.

Sa palagay ko, ang kalkulasyon, kung gaano kalaki ang magiging block grant. Andaming account e. Hindi lang itong block grant. Marami pa. Meron pang 17B for special development fund, normalization fund. Lahat ng ito ay kailangan ng mabuti. At, I will try to get the idea of the senators kung bababaan or lalakihan. Basta ang guiding principle naming in terms of share of national wealth and collection, kung ano iyong nasa ARMM hindi namin babawasan. Maaaring tataasan pa nga. But, I think the question is not in the amount pero nasa check and balances. Iyan ang tinatrabaho naming, ang check in balance na maging transparent at maging accountable. . It will be be audited according to the General Accepted Auditing Principles. We used the same rules for Bangsamoro that we used for other national and local government.

On the version of BBL to be submitted on Monday

Marcos: Hindi naman sobrang magkakaiba iyong sa version ng House of Representative. Iyong idea behind the provisions, iyong principles and ideas behind the provisions, ay pareho. Kung minsan ina adopt naming ang language ng sa House of Representative, para pagdating sa bicam, hindi na naming pag dedebatihan pa. That is trying to make the process a little smoother.

On the BBL interpellations in the Senate

Marcos: No, when I say that I would be getting the inputs from the senators, I expect to do that on the floor. Floor debates. Kasi ang sabi nila sa akin during the caucus, ang sinasabi ko ibibigay ko ang post amendments ko, pero sabi nila, give us a clean version with all the amendments already written in at iyon daw ang pagdedebatehan namin. And, that is what we are going to do.

On the deadline of the interpellations

Marcos: Hindi puwedeng lagyan ng deadline iyan. Mahirap din mag target kasi wala tayong control sa interpellations. The period of interpellations could take one week, it could take two months.

On the assurance that the BBL will be approved before October, the filing of the certificates of candidacy

Marcos: I cannot make such assurance. That assurance is not for me to make. Also, kung hindi matapos and BBL deliberation, then we could take it to the next session. I don't see why there has to be a contingency plan. It doesn't become an emergency because hindi matapos. The world does not end on May 9.

The BBL will have to be re-filed in the next Congress. We have a new rule, that was adopted in the last Congress, that we cantake note of the findings on the previous hearings of the subject as long as it is the same bill.

On the BBL as priority of the Senate

We are going through the legislative process as expeditiously as possible. If we can make it faster? No, We cannot make it faster. I cannot say how to make it faster. Besides, nandoon na tayo. It is finish today. We clean it up today. And, we will start printing copies tomorrow and we will give it on Monday.

On the commitment that BBL will be approved before the end of the Aquino administration

Marcos: Again, I cannot make that commitment. Pagka lumabas na sa committee ko, it is now out of my control. It is up to the Senate, up to the House and the bicam. As soon as I file the committee report on Monday, it is now out of the committee, it is now on the floor.

On the ARMM election on October

Marcos: Ang deadline is on October. Kung wala pang BBL, magpapa file ulit ang assembly to run again for the ARMM assembly. Because the BBL does not exist. The only thing that exist in the Muslim Autonomous Region is the ARMM assembly.

Pag whatever time na matapos at maipasa na ang BBL at may nauupo pang Assembly members ng ARMM, i-a-abolish ang ARMM. The BBL government will then sit in the form transition authority. Isinama na naming sa transition authority ang mga elected assembly men.

Once BBL becomes law, is to abolish the ARMM and all its offices. Lahat ma-de displace. Kaya sa tinatapos namin, ay ang security of tenure ng mga civil servants.

On how many civil servants will be displaced

Marcos: The ARMM has 26,000 civil servants and karamihan doon ang mga teachers. So, we are hoping that the teachers will be carried over in the next government. Wala tayong magagawa, if they abolish the offices of ARMM, wala ng mga item ang mga civil servants. Kaya kahit papaano, tanggal sila sa servbisyo. But we are making sure, na kapag nangyari ito, they will have all the guarantees that the civil service codes will grant them and that they will enjoy all the guarantees that they will be given to them. Most importantly is the security of tenure and length of service. Iyon ang pinoporoblema naming kung paano mape preserve ang security of tenure. Kung mag-e-early retirement sila, we have to make sure na ang mako consider ay ang length of service. We have to make sure talaga na mako consider ang buong length of service nila.

On the MILF to join the election so that they will be part of the transition

Marcos: That is up to them. Political strategy na nila iyan. I suppose yes. Because they have elected members on the transition Bangsamoro-led Transition Authority (BTA). But, the BTA, is already in the law. The agreement is between the Republic of the Philippines and the MILF . The MILF has to take the lead. Binuksan lang naming ng konti para ang ibang sector ay pwedeng pumasok.

On the case of Iqbal

Marcos: Pwede i-appoint sa transition committee. Hindi na niya kailangan tumakbo. Sa BTA, karamihan ay appointed pa rin ng presidente. So, I am sure, kung gusto niyang magpa-appoint, pwede and iyong ibang gustong pumasok, ibigay nila ang listahan sa pangulo at siya ang bahalang mag-appoint.. But, again, the process is now open not only to the MILF, but sa lahat ng sector ay pwedeng magbigay ng listahan sa pangulo.

On the BBL not being approved

Marcos; E di parang walang nangyari. Nasa ARMM ulit tayo. Ordinary day to day business of the ARMM. Normal ARMM election.

Q: Matatawag bang substitute bill?

Marcos: Yes. It is very much a substitute bill.

Q: Nagbago ba ang block grant?

Marcos: Naging mahirap ito. Kung ang calculation ay 4%, and it is calculated, kasi ang pagkagawa nito ay hindi naman 4%, they worked back ofrom the number they wanted which is 35B. That amount is more or less 40B. Iniisip namin kung halimbawa maraming sumama, baka kulang ang block grant. Papaano natin pwedeng papalikihin? We have have to adjust. So, we have mechanisms to adjust. So paano kung masyado namang maliit? Masyado namang malaki ang block grant. So, we have to adjust.

I will bring it up during the debates, to see if there is a mechanism that is agreeable to everyone. Yung tinatawag na block grant, first of all it is not really a block grant, it is a misnomer because the grant is not being used to implement a national programme, the money is being used to fund operations which is not what a block grant is, but never mind, yun na rin ang nagamit na salita. In any case, there is no, in the mention of the block grant, lump sum. Walang kalkulasyon kung sino, kagaya ng IRA, titingan mo yung relation, titingnan mo yung land area, all of these things. Eto wala, basta four percent, yan, without any consideration as to how large an area you have to service, how many you have to service. That is a weakness I think in the original BBL. Wala, basta yun nay un, four percent. Kahit na tatlo ang tao, kahit na tatlong daang libo ang tao, kahit na tatlong milyon ang tao, yun pa rin. That seems to me illogical.

Q: Are you going to propose a mechanism for the block grant?

Marcos: I might, I don't know. I will bring up the issue. Whether I have a mechanism yet to propose, hard to say right now. The closest thing we have come to a mechanism is gagayahin mo yung IRA. Simpel lang naman yan, kung gobyerno ka, malaki ang populasyon, mas malaki ang ponding kakailanganin mo. Kung mailiit ang populasyon at puro malalapit, mas maliit ang kailangan mo. Kung malaki ang populasyon, malawak, malaki ang kailangan mo, so kaliangan we have to take that into account, and that is what the calculation of the IRA share is, trying to take into account those other elements kasi iba-iba naman ang LGUs. Aside pa ito sa IRA na ibibigay.

Q: BBL is one of the legacies that the Aquino administration. You will do your best before the campaign period na pa-approve ito?

Marcos: Hindi ko lang maitiyak yung schedule ko. Hindi ko masasabi kung gano katagal yung debate, hindi ko masasabi kung gano katagal yung bicam. Hindi natin masasabi kung ano ang mangyayari, yung mga challenges sa Supreme Court, how long that will take, kung mananalo, kung matatalo. Hindi natin masasabi. It is very hard to pin it down. As I said, ang maipapangako ko, ang matitiyak ko, ang sasabihin ko, for sure, categorically, on Monday, the Committee Report will be filed.

Q: Are you ready to defend your Committee Report?

Marcos: Sure. After Monday, iso-sponsor ko na. Pag sponsor, siguro give the Senators a few days to study, tapos tatanong na ako kung mag-iinterpellate na sila.

On whether it is clear what position he will run for in 2016

Marcos: No. I remain the undecided candidate. There is no need for any rush into this kind of decision. As you can imagine, this is probably the biggest, most important decision I will have to make so far in my life. I am not going to rush it. I am not going to go in half-cocked, to go in without as much understanding of the situation as possible. Why do we have to rush? Why the need to decide now? I cannot see the reason to be in a hurry. This will decide many things, not only in my own life, but the lives of many other people so it is very important and important decisions should not be rushed.

Q: Hindi ba mas magandang clear na this early sa public kung sino yung tatakbo para alam na nila kung sino yung pagpipilian nila?

Marcos: Yun na nga, hindi nga maliwanag. Ang deklarado pa lang ngayon, dalawa. From one, naging two, so that's it. Ang dami pang ibang pangalan na umiikot-ikot.

Q: May report about Binay-Marcos tandem?

Marcos: Marami talagang report kasi nga everybody is speculating. Lahat ng tandem, lahat ng mga partnership, lahat ng mga kaalyado, lahat na siguro ng possible combination narinig ko na. And being politicians, iniisip din namin ng mabuti, kahit na parang ludicrous na mangyari. Imposibleng mangyari, hindi magsasama yang dalawang yan. Di bale, kung sakali man, ano kaya ang mangyayari? Tayo, ano ba ang gagawin natin? All these scenario building has been going on for months now, not only in the media, but even amongst us. In the party, with our friends.

Q: Sabi kaya daw hindi ka nag-claim, natatakot ka na magawan ng issue?

Marcos: Hindi. Kahit ano naman ang gawin ko, gagawan ako ng issue. They have been doing it to me for thirty years. That is nothing new. Kung takot akong gawan ng issue, umalis na ako sa pulitika kasi kahit ano ang gagawin mo, kahit sinong pulitiko ka, kahit mabait ka, kahit salbahe ka, gagawan ka ng issue. That is part of the job, so that is not something that is a factor, para sa akin, given yan. Basta't meron ka, kahit na tumakbo kang senador, meron pa ring lalaban sa iyo, babatikos sa iyo.

Q: May update na po ba whether nag-usap na kayo ni VP Binay?

Marcos: We haven't talked about that specifically, but we have been in constant touch with him, his people. You have to remember, his Sec-Gen is my cousin. Si Cong. Toby. He is married to my pinsang buo. So, madalas kaming mag-usap about anything and everything. He is very prominent in the political activities of UNA.

Q: Pinaabot po ba sa inyo ni Toby na may offer?

Marcos: Again, we have been scenario building for many months now. Ano kaya kung kayo ang magsama? Ano kaya kung si ganito ang magsama? In that sense, yes, napag-usapan namin, but very much in that process of speculating.

Q: Sa inyong assessment, magandang tandem po ba yun?

Marcos: Well, it is another possibility. How it will play out, mahirap basahin. I know there are people running surveys, ano yung numero ng iba't-ibang kumbinasyon, kung si ganito tsaka si ganito. Popular ba yan? Kung itong dalawa ang magsama, popular ba yan? I have seen some of them, but it is very hard to read. Ang madali lang malaman, kung ano yung sarili mo. That is complicated, ang hirap basahin.

Q: Viable po ba ang Binay-Marcos tandem?

Marcos: Of course it is viable. Bakit hindi? Lahat naman yan viable. As I said, lahat nyan possibilities kaya nga pinag-uusapan, kaya nga pinag-iisipan, dahil maaaring mangyari. We talk in general, what do you think is happening? Ganyan naman lagi, pagka- nagkikita.

Q: What did you specifically talk about?

Marcos: We talked in general. I am trying to think of specifics, wala. What we talked about was not specific to me. What will you think will happen if Mar and Grace run together? What do you think if jojo Binay and Trillanes run together? It gets complicated, ang hirap ngang mabasa kung what is the relative advantage if running with one person, of running with another, all of those, mahirap. I am considering everything. I talked to everyone, about everything. Nothing is off-limits.

Q: Pero na-communicate po sa inyo yung offer na maging VP kayo ni Binay?

Marcos: Well, I read the same things you read, and there are discussions on the subject, but then that is going on with not only one group. As I said, I am a member of a party. I have friends in all other groups and parties. Nag-uusap-usap kami. Lahat yan napapag-usapan.

That is why I said I am grateful that I am being considered but again, decisions especially at the national level involve a party. So, although we have talked about it, Senator Cynthia and I see each other every day, ano ang tingin mo sa lumabas kanina? Nilapitan ka na ba? Sabi ko hindi naman araw-araw, pero madalas ko makausap si Toby. So, napapag-usapan nga namin. That applies not only to UNA, that applies also to the group of Duterte, that also applies to the other groups. I know you would like for me to give you a categorical answer, but I don't have a categorical.

Q: Are you waiting for the VP?

Marcos: I am not waiting for anyone, I am going to make my own decision, not on the basis of anyone's schedule. No. That is not the way, you see what can be done and you see what is the best. The problem is we do not know yet what is the best, ito yung pinaka-maganda para sa atin. This is the best thing for me, Marcos:, to do. Or this is the best thing for us, Nacionalista, to do. For that matter, KBL, or the other groups. Hindi nga maliwanag, that is what is keeping everybody uncertain.

On running for the presidency in 2016

Marcos: Napag-agreehan namin, beginning of this year pa lang, na kung may kandidato ang Nacionalista Party, the Nacionalista Party will be behind that candidate. Kung walang kandidato, lalo na sa pangulo ang Nacionalista Party, maghahanap kami kung sino sa aming palagay ang pinakamagaling suportahan. The point is how do you decide ano ang magiging involvement ninyo sa May 2016 elections.

On the recent NP meeting

Marcos: Mayroon kaming NP senators' merienda every first Monday. Of course, we talked about all of these but to be perfectly candid, mas napag-usapan namin ang mga specific bills na kailangan naming trabahuhin.

On when to know what is best for him and NP in the 2016 elections

Marcos: Sana ngayon na. Sana kahapon. Sana bukas pero we don't know.

On teaming up with another NP senator for the 2016 elections

Marcos: Sure, mas magiging simple ang buhay ng NP. Alam namin ang gagawin naming. May kandidato kaming pang-pangulo pati pang-bise, parehong NP. Maliwanag na maliwanag ang gagawin ng partido. Let me put it this way, there is no combination, tandem, alliance, that is not possible. Never say never na nga.

On Mayor Duterte saying that he has discipline

Marcos: Nagpapasalamat ako sa kanya. That's not the first time that I heard it. Very supportive naman sa akin si Mayor Digong. Siguro, dahil nga matagal na kaming magkaibigan, I am also saying na kagaya ng tinanong niyo sa akin a few weeks back, if he's a strong candidate, sa palagay ko rin, si Mayor Duterte will be a big asset to any tandem, any team. In fact, I would go further and say na kahit hindi Presidente, in any capacity dahil marami siyang ma-offer. Siguro, all you have to do is go to Davao and kausapin mo yung mga taga-roon para malaman if they are happy sa patakbo ni Mayor Duterte. Maliwanag na maliwanag, kahit anong sector ang kausapin mo, except siguro yung mga drug syndicate, na sa palagay nila ay tama ang patakbo ni Mayor Duterte.

On his 2016 plans

Marcos: Running for national office, once you have decided to do it, you do not keep it secret. Ang unan mong gagawin, mag-announce ka. Hindi mo itatago yan. Paano ka naman mangangampanya kung patago. Once there is something to tell, believe me, I will announce it because people has to know what you are doing. If I could announce it six months ago, I would have. Syempre, kailangan mo yung oras. Mangangampanya ka nga.

On NP giving him until September to decide

Marcos: September is the time that NP will decide kung ano ang gagawin. Now, that means also yung mga potential candidates magsabi kung tatakbo ba o hindi para makapag-desisyon na ang NP.

On NP's 2016 plans

Marcos: I think in terms of the alliances and coalitions, they were, to begin with, very loose. Medyo informal ang mga coalitions na yan. That's the nicest way I can put it. Those are factors but we are open in the party but as a party we decide what is best for the party, what is best for the members. As a party, kailangan mo ring isipin ang mga local candidates mo.

On forming a tandem with VP Binay being risky

Marcos: I don't think that that's the fear. Lahat naman kami alam na kahit anong papasukan mo mayroong mambabatikos, mag-iimbestiga, gagawa ng issue. Whatever you do, that's going to happen. I think it's people trying to assess the best scenario for themselves and for their party, at least in my case, that's the situation.

On NP courting Senator Poe

Marcos: I don't know kung masasabi mong nanliligaw pero nakikipag-usap kami sa lahat. Senator Manny is very straightforward kind of person to deal with. Hindi naman sya nagtatago, hindi naman siya conspiratorial, hindi siya ganon. He's a very open person and that's how we conduct our business. Lahat kinakausap namin. Nakikinig kami at sinasabi namin ang aming pananaw. We are not insular in a sense.

On Congressman Pagdilao's call that Secretaries Roxas and De Lima bring closure to the Mamasapano incident

Marcos: I hope so. Nakausap naming ang mga pamilya, wala silang hinihinging pondo o scholarship, ang naririnig lang namin ay katarungan. Kung tatanungin natin ang mga survivor ng SAF 44, justice has not yet been given. That is their opinion. We do not have closure yet on the Mamasapano incident. Not only on the command structure, weaknesses, coordination, who has the command responsibility, but also the role of the combatants and the MILF. Hanggang ngayon ay pinagtatakpan ng gobyerno ang involvement ng MILF. Kung matatandaan natin, natapos ang imbestigasyon ng NBI, sinabi ni Secretary De Lima, they will charge about 90 people with murder, ano nangyari doon?

On Senator Poe's citizenship

Marcos: She can take care of herself. She does not need my help in any way. If she asks for it, she has it not because of any suspected familial connection but she's my friend and colleague. Malapit ako sa pamilya niya. Some lawyers say that there is a case that can be made on her citizenship, residency, kung anu-ano. Other lawyers on the same subject, wala, there's no problem. So, it's hard to say. The three years that I have known her, she's tougher than she looks. Kaya niya lahat ng ito. She will come out at the other end with her dignity intact.

On supporting Senator Poe's bid for higher office

Marcos: If my party decides to support her, then I will support her. I am also a party member, not an individual politician operating in a vacuum.

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