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September 2, 2015

Transcript of Interview

Q: Bakit deferred ang ad-interim appointment ni Commisioner Andres Bautista?

STG: For the record, bakit na-defer? Mayroon ngang report by Tita De Villa that there are a couple of thousand precincts that did not have any manual or automated counting therefore it has to be answered.

Q: Na-identify na ba doon sa report?

STG: We will have to get a copy of the report

Q: Tungkol sa mga pahayag ng mga oppositor

STG: Actually pa-umpisa pa lang ito kaya kailangan maganda din na bigyan ng panahon ang mga miyembro na pag-aralan muna kung ano yung nilalaman ng opposition.

Q; Pero yung mga naging decision niya noong siya ay PCGG Chairman, can that be used against him?

STG:Hindi pa niya sinasagot eh. If you recall, gusto na niya sana sagutin kaso yun lang narule na namin na suspend na yung hearing.

Q: Gaano kabigat ang opposition ni Tita De Villa?

STG: Hindi ko pa nabasa. Babasahin natin at aalamin natin

Q: On JPE's comment

STG: Hindi ko alam. Like I've said, everything just came in today. Of course we have advance copies but we have to go through all the materials in the light of the new requirement by Senator Enrile on the allegations made by a third party which is a report of Tita De Villa. We have required him to submit a report. So he will do so , he has undertaken to do so and he already said that there is such a report already submitted to the oversight of the Senate Committee on Suffrage. So we will just have to go through with everything.

Q: Kailan po ang next hearing?

STG: Once nag-comply na. Once na-submit na yung sagot doon sa allegation sa report ni Tita De Villa.

Q: Kung madelay or di ma-confirm ang appointment ni Chairman Bautista, ano ang implication considering sa preparation ng election?

STG: Huwag muna natin sagutin yan sapagkat we just started now and let's take a look. The directive naman is to comply with the report, to answer the report. Let's wait until he answers. We've just started. Let's answer that when we can see that there is a real problem. Right now, let's wait for the process to proceed and let's study the papers.

Q: Sasagutin ni Chairman Bautista ?

STG: Sasagutin niya. In fact kanina gusto niya sagutin , yun lang nasuspend na namin yung hearings.

Q: May mga bagong nilabas na bagong pangalan sa Pork Barrel Scam cases, ang Blue Ribbon Committee po ba sir willing for possible resumption

STG: We will look into it. Yes, I saw it in the newspapers and will look into it. We already have a report so we will look into it.

Q: Nabasa niyo po ba sir ang letter ni Dr. Jack Arroyo? Ano ang reaction niyo doon?

STG: We will have to make a formal reply. We are still drafting the reply.

Q: Ano po masasabi niyo doon?

STG: From what I understand, sinasabi niya na the Senate can't arrest a person but I don't think so because since time immemorial, even several senates before us, the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has always been able to arrest people. In fact the power of Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and other Senate Committees, they have the power to compel people to attend hearings.

Q: Pero sinasabi niya na di naman siya nagdefy sa subpoena.

STG: Well according to the report of the Director General, summons have been served and he has not yet responded.

Q: Pork Barrel Scam issue, ire-review niyo po ba if there is a need to hear it again?

STG: We will look into it . Just take it at that muna. We will look into it.

Q: Ano po ba ang purpose noon?

STG: Tignan muna natin . Right now, I saw it on the papers. I have no copy of whatever has been given to the Ombudsman.

Q: If there is a necessity handa kayong buhayin ang investigation sa PDAF?

STG: Right now, we will look into it.

Q: Sabi ng Ombudsman, ang Presidente at si Secretary Butch Abad are being investigated.

STG; They have the right to investigate motu proprio. What motu proprio means kahit walang complainant, sila mismo ang nag-investigate. So they have the right. Leave it at that. Let them investigate.

Q: Hindi ba may immunity ang presidente?

STG: This is investigations. This is not yet filing of cases.

 Q: Puwede imbestigahan?

STG: Yes puwede.

Q: Puwede after his term na lang?

STG: If there is findings. Let's not jump the gun. First, they are starting their investigation.

Q: So, you support their investigations?

STG: They are just doing their functions. What is important is that we respect the process being done by the Ombudsman.

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