Press Release
September 13, 2015

Without proof, new Mamasapano theory "assassinates" memory of SAF 44

If unsupported by facts, the claim is slanderous. It has the effect of devaluing the heroism of the SAF 44.

Those who are peddling a revisionist take on what happened in Mamasapano should come up with solid proof.

Because if what they are alleging will be later proven false, the damage to their reputation will be irreparable. The people will find them guilty of this crime : character assassination of the dead.

Dead heroes tell no tales but they leave behind traces of the truth.

What should be declassified and disclosed to the public now:

1. Video of the operations. Kung may GoPro footage ang SAF who killed Marwan, ilabas na.

2. All communication logs including audio recording between SAF and forward bases.

3. Was the operation monitored in real-time by a satellite or drone circling above? Kung meron, ilabas ang footage and any recording nito.

4. Terminal ballistics report, to determine the type of weapons used

5. AFP report on the death of Abdul Basit Usman

6. Medico-legal and autopsy report on Marwan, to determine cause of death, including proximity of weapon discharge and point of entry and exit of bullets

7. Report on post-incident investigation of the PNP-SOCO, if there's any.

Sa mga nag-aakusa, hindi pwedeng i-leak lang ito at kung mapapatunayang walang pruweba ay mag-so-sorry na lang. The people may not be forgiving of those who vilify the valor of those who gave up their lives for the country. Wala na ngang posthumous honor, bibigyan pa ng posthumous insult.

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