Press Release
September 16, 2015

Good luck and Godspeed to Grace, Chiz, Allan, Sonny, BongBong

The more aspirants for the presidency, the better for our country. The bigger the field, the more choices for us. Better to have a surplus of aspirants than a shortage.

It is within this context - of how pluralism in politics will do us good - that I welcome Sen. Grace's courageous move to submit her application letter for the highest office in the land.

That she will present a preview of her platform would hopefully be the cue that the run up to 2016 will be marked by a serious discussion of issues and away from the pettiness of gutter politics.

I wish her good luck and Godspeed - the same sincere glad tidings I would convey to my seatmates in the chamber - BongBong, Chiz, Sonny, Alan - when it is time for them to submit their reported application letter for the vice presidency as well.

Having worked with them, all are eminently qualified to perform the job and to bring dignity to the office they seek.

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