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October 4, 2015

Magdalo pushes for Poe-Trillanes tandem

The Magdalo group on Saturday has declared its support to the candidacy of Senator Grace Poe and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for president and vice president, respectively, in the coming 2016 national elections.

"Eight years since Sen. Trillanes has started serving as a senator, he has made numerous accomplishments through his legislative measures and development projects. The group believes that he can now better serve the country and make greater impact through higher office," said Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano during the group's annual convention.

Alejano added, "The group also conducted extensive consultations among our chapter leaders during the past few months, and Sen. Grace Poe is the preferred candidate for the 2016 presidential elections. She symbolizes hope and change, and we believe that she can carry out the ideals and aspirations of the group. She and Sen. Trillanes can make a good tandem in effecting change and development in the country since their advocacies and platforms are aligned."

During the Convention, which also served as the formal declaration of Trillanes' bid for vice presidency, Trillanes said that more than an individual decision, running for vice president is a collective decision of the group.

"This is an opportunity to once again present the Magdalo reform agenda to the people, and raise our brand of service to the next level," said Trillanes.

Present also during the declaration was Brian Poe Llamanzares, Poe's son, who represented the legislator and accepted the Magdalo's support on her behalf.

Poe, in a video message, thanked the group for its support and applauded the members, headed by Trillanes, for their selfless service to the people. She said that she is together with the group in its continuous fight against corruption, and in promoting the welfare of the people.

Magdalo started as a group of reformist soldiers who staged Oakwood Mutiny and Manila Peninsula Siege against the Arroyo administration to protest corruption in the government and the AFP. The group has then turned into a socio-political movement that boasts of about 500,000 card-bearing members. They are advocating for reform in the government and the society through their capacity as government officials and private individuals.

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