Press Release
October 5, 2015


SENATOR Teofisto "TG" Guingona III on Monday called for the privatization of security services at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in view of the recently reported incidents of "Laglag Bala" and other extortion schemes that victimized innocent travelers.

According to Guingona, outsourcing an agency is one step to improve passenger treatment and safety at the airport. Once contracted, the agency's services may be immediately terminated on the grounds of unsatisfactory performance or proof of personnel being in cahoots with airport syndicates.

"It is beyond reproach and unpatriotic. 'Laglag Bala' is definitely an act of disrespect against our fellowmen who do not deserve this repulsive treatment," the lawmaker stated.

Early in September, the complaint of one balikbayan against a personnel of the Office of Transport Security (OTS) earned the ire of netizens. The victim, who was on a wheelchair, alleged that the said OTS staff claimed to have found two .22 caliber bullets in her luggage and asked for P500 in exchange for clearing her to leave the country.

One week later, a 20-year-old American missionary traveling with his parents experienced a similar incident at NAIA Terminal 4. This time, a male security guard asked him to settle the "problem" for P30,000. The young victim refused and accepted detention to prove his innocence.

"It is high time that we review the current arrangement, revamp all OTS personnel, and ensure command responsibility," Guingona maintained. "We must also study the possibility of privatizing airport security services and put a stop to this embarrassing thievery."

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