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October 12, 2015

Drilon honors Joker Arroyo's "exceptional humility" at Senate Centennial launch

"He dazzled the nation not only with his brilliance, but also with his high sense of duty and strong commitment to defend the underprivileged."

This was how Senate President Franklin M. Drilon honored the life and works of the late Senator Joker Arroyo during the start of the Senate's centennial anniversary celebration on Monday, October 12.

Speaking before Senate employees and officials, Drilon said that Arroyo, who reportedly passed away in the United States last October 5, "led a life of integrity, good character, diligence and with a profound love for the masses that are dearest to his heart."

"It was a great honor to work with him; first in the Executive department under the administration of President Cory Aquino, and later in the Senate. I attest to Joker's exceptional humility and simplicity as a public official," Drilon said.

Arroyo and Drilon were both Cabinet members during the Aquino administration, with Arroyo as Executive Secretary, and with Drilon first appointed as Labor Secretary but later served as Executive Secretary and Justice Secretary.

Drilon stressed how the late senator kept a small office and hated luxury and extravagance, despite Arroyo's many achievements as a lawyer and public official.

"With his frugal and prudent ways, he will always be fondly remembered for being the 'Scrooge of the Senate," Drilon said.

According to Drilon, Arroyo's passing "is the nation's collective loss, but his life will always be an inspiration to every Filipino."

"With deep sorrow, we remember him in our prayers and condole with his family. We join the whole nation in mourning the loss of a gem of a public servant whose achievements as a lawyer, human rights defender, lawmaker and public servant are unparalleled," the Senate chief said.

"Farewell Joker, and thank you for everything," Drilon lastly said.

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