Press Release
November 3, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the schedule of budget hearings on the Senate

SPFMD: The budget will be with us probably on Monday. The House of Representatives will pass it on third reading and we will get the printed copy either Friday or at the latest next Monday. Traditionally, we will look the amendments made. We will go over them.

Q: How about the BBL?

SPFMD: We will continue to work on the BBL.

Q: Given the political season, are you going to compel senator-candidates not to attend sessions?

SPFMD: The Senate is composed of responsible public officials. There is no need for compulsion. We know our duties as senators, so there is no need for compulsion. They know that they have to put their duties as senators ahead of their political work.

Q: Once mag-start na yung budget deliberations sa plenary, wala na munang committee hearings?

SPFMD: That is the tradition that we observe. Under the Senate rules, there can be no committee hearings when there are plenary sessions, except upon the consent of the plenary.

So our schedule, we will continue to take up the BBL tomorrow, because today we will devote our session for our departed colleagues. And then tomorrow, we will go back to work on the BBL as scheduled for debates, to avail of the period of interpellation is Senator Sotto.

We expect that the budget will be with us either Friday this week or next Monday. Then we will sponsor it - I estimate that the committee can sponsor it Wednesday next week or Monday on November 16. At the latest it will be sponsored on the 16th.

Q: Opening of the APEC na po iyon ah.

SPFMD: We'll see.

Q: Magmo-morning-afternoon sessions kayo?

SPFMD: Once we have the budget on the floor, we'll go morning-afternoon.

Q: Paano po yung mga resolutions calling for investigations, like yung sa "Laglag- Bala" sa MIA.

SPFMD: I do not know. That is scheduled by the chairs of the committees.

Q: Once a week lang ang BBL?

SPFMD: We will schedule the BBL as a priority measure. Whatever it takes.

Q: Given na halos one-week walang pasok ang government dahil sa APEC event, kaya po ba ma-approve ang budget on third and final reading this month?


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