Press Release
December 7, 2015

Cayetano: Davao City values Human Rights

Human rights is about protecting life and liberty. It is about respect, justice, and equity.

This is the bedrock upon which Davao City stands. It is a city where peace, rule of law, and economic prosperity exist, it gave birth to the first progressive gender code to protect the rights of women and children, it offers a safe haven, a humane and equitable environment that respects the diversity of Christians, Muslims, and indigenous people. No matter how long they've lived there or how fleeting their visit was, Davaoenos and visitors alike share a very safe and confortable time in the city that refreshes their idea of urban Philippines. This is why Davao is perceived by many as one of the safest cities in the world.

This is what Mayor Duterte wants to replicate in the whole country. Mayor Duterte symbolizes radical change. His leadership gives importance to the rights and interests of people, long-neglected by government. Most importantly, Mayor Duterte stands for order, not violence. Beyond Mayor Duterte's tough-talk is a humane, peaceful and progressive community.

I hope Amnesty International and all other international agencies and non-government organizations will open their eyes to what the Filipino people found inspiring in Mayor Duterte. Despite his self-confessed imperfections, Mayor Duterte's vision and achievements command respect and engender hope among a people longing for a better Philippines.

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