Press Release
December 15, 2015


As Typhoon Nona entered the country and left some villages flooded and without power, Sen. Grace Poe urged local government leaders not to let politics hamper the distribution of relief to the affected communities.

"Politics has no place where people need help. We need concerted efforts to help fellow Filipinos in times of calamities," said Poe, an independent presidential candidate who is pushing for inclusiveness in all government endeavors.

She said local leaders must learn to set aside their political differences and work together to ensure that their constituents are safe and provided for, if they are to survive the impacts of some 20 typhoons that hit the Philippines every year.

Poe said governors and mayors should ensure that all affected barangays receive relief goods. She warned that errant local leaders who give relief selectively may face administrative charges for abuse of authority.

"Natural calamities do not distinguish between our political allies or opponents, and neither should we. In a country that is as vulnerable to extreme weather events as the Philippines, it is unforgivable to let politics get in the way of immediate help. Lives are at stake here; no one must be left behind," Poe said.

Packing 150 kph winds, Typhoon Nona caused power outages in Bicol and Eastern Visayas, where more than 700,000 people were evacuated before Nona made landfall. Signals 2 and 3 were hoisted in different parts of the country.

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