Press Release
December 24, 2015

Senator Nancy Binay's Christmas message

It is my hope and dream that we all find hope and joy in celebrating the Christmas holidays.

While this season is a time of revelry and merrymaking, let us take time to remember the central message of His birth, that true happiness lies within ourselves and in helping others.

True happiness is in our goodness and helping our fellowmen, especially the victims of natural and man-made calamities, as well as those suffering from severe sickness.

And I believe in the Filipino's heart, full of kindness and care, charity and belief in the Almighty. I am praying that amidst the troubles and violence all over the world, our love for each other will prevail. And let peace heal the heat of politics in our hearts.

To the Filipino nation, and to the whole world - a merry and meaningful Christmas to us all!

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