Press Release
May 6, 2016


REELECTIONIST Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III called for the professionalization and significant compensation for barangay health workers (BHWs), saying these measures have long been overdue, especially since the BHWs are at the frontline of the country's health agenda.

"Let us push for the professionalization of BHWs through legislation and advocacy. By providing them with proper compensation and relevant training, we empower them and the community they serve," Guingona, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, said.

According to Guingona, despite the record P124.2 billion and renewed capabilities for the Health department in 2016, BHWs still receive "pittance" in hazard and subsistence allowances, which are dependent on barangay revenues.

"We celebrate Health Workers' Day, under RA 10069, on May 7. Amid all the recognition and activities meant to acknowledge, boost, and encourage their contributions, what they really need are reforms and incentives that truly compensate for all the assistance that they provide the national government in implementing health programs," Guingona stated.

Guingona also pointed out that the ideal ratio of one BHW for every 20 families in a locality is "simply too far from reality on the ground."

"Currently, there are only one or two BHWs in a barangay where there should be more than 20 of them guarding against child and maternal mortality, preventable ailments, and communicable diseases," Guingona said.

BHWs are the direct and immediate health care providers for indigents, especially in depressed and remote communities that mostly bear the impact of shortage in community health workers.

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