Press Release
January 17, 2017

Transcript of Interview with Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin M. Drilon

Q: LP should decide whether you will stay in the majority? Meron ba kayong ganoong option?

SFMD: We were elected by the majority. We were part of the majority that voted for Koko.

Q: You'll stick it out with the majority? You find no reason to leave?

SFMD: We find no reason. We will stay where we are.

Q: Yung incident yesterday is not something that will affect you?


Q: Hindi ka disappointed Sir?

SFMD: We have been in the Senate long enough. That's just one incident where we filed a resolution. It was referred by the secretariat on the committee of Senator Trillanes, because it called for a possible reorganization of the Bureau of Immigration.

Q: Na-surprised ba kayo?

SFMD: Nothing surprises me these days.

Q: Hindi raw ito orchestrated?

SFMD: I will leave it at that. You judge it by yourself.

Q: Sa death penalty, ano yung gagawin ng LP, will you block it as LP?

SFMD: The LP has taken the position that it is again the death penalty. So when it comes to the floor, we will state our position, and we will accordingly express our opposition.

Q: Non-negotiable po yung opposition n'yo?

SFMD: My opposition is non-negotiable.

Q: Kinakausap daw kayo ni Rep. Lagman para pagtulungan ang death penalty?

SFMD: We have not talked to him.

Q: Sa tingin ninyo dito sa Senate may chance kasi sa House ang target nila ay by June?

SFMD: You can never predict what the Senate will do.

Q: Considering na iyon ang gusto ng President?

SFMD: The Senate has always been an independent body and the senators have always taken positions on the basis of their own beliefs.

Q: On Charter Change hearing

SFMD: We will have probably one more hearing in Manila and we intent conduct a hearing in Baguio, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

Q: Sir, bukas may hearing kayo on Revised Penal Code.

SFMD: This is the amendment to the Revised Penal Code because the property values upon which the penalties are based are still of the 1930 monetary value. To continue using these values would result in cruel punishment and therefore, we have to update the values so they become more reasonable and justifiable.

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