Press Release
January 17, 2017


Sen. Grace Poe: Meron tayong MMFF hearing...may MMFF hearing because of the resolution of Tito Sen sa Tuesday, 11 a.m. Ngayon, yung iba nag-post na parang, kasi yung resolution ni Tito Sen ay magkaroon ng separate indie. Ako naman, pakinggan natin yung panig kasi dalawang bagay yan: commercial viability and artistic expression ng ating mga, educating the viewers mga ganyan. Balansehin natin...Tingnan natin. Let's listen to the others.

Q: Anong tingin niyo sa pag block ng porn sites, is this a cause for alarm?

Poe: Definitely, all of the porn sites, especially those involving children, should really be banned from the Internet. It should be blocked and those behind it should be caught, penalized and thrown in jail. Hindi porket may Internet, malaya tayong gawin ang gusto nating gawin. Pag merong terrorist activities kahit naman ang facebook tinatanggal ang mga posts na yan. So pag yan dumaan sa public information committee ko, I will support it 100%.

Q: Kailan po yung MMFF hearing?

Poe: Tuesday

Q: Ano po yung position niyo?

Poe: As chairman, I should be neutral to both sides but you know film festival, dalawa ang pakay niyan eh. One is to be able to entertain and also for commercial viability but also at the same time we also want to up the standards of the content of our films, so how do we do that? How do we balance it? I'm not necessarily sure if I'd like to have a separate indie film festival, but maybe we should integrate it, maybe the good quality films should also get a boost in terms of advertising. The problem is if you are a mainstream producer and especially if you have a network behind you, it's easy to promote your films. But if you're a small-time producer, you don't have that. But even mainstream producers now are also producing films that are quality.

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