Press Release
March 4, 2017


To paraphrase Mark Twain, fake news about my supposed attempted suicide have been greatly exaggerated.

These have been spread in fake pro-Duterte news sites and reinforced by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez's statement that I should be detained in a mental hospital instead of the PNP Custodial Center. These fake "alternative fact" news are making the rounds and being encouraged by Duterte's lapdogs, such as Speaker Alvarez, in order to condition the minds of the people that the worst can happen to me while in detention at the PNP Custodial Center, without any fault of the Duterte regime because I supposedly already lost my mind after my arrest.

My body may be incarcerated by the Duterte regime, but they cannot take away my soul and my soundness of mind. I continue to work as a Senator of the Republic, despite the limitations the Duterte regime has imposed on me as its political prisoner in order to stifle opposition and dissent against his murderous and incompetent government. However, because of these fake news as reinforced by Duterte's sycophants and lapdogs in government and social media, I no longer feel secure in detention, despite being guarded by the PNP Custodial Unit here in Camp Crame.

Let us remember Jun Pala. Given the capacity of this President for assassinating his political opponents as revealed by none other than his Davao Death Squad right-hand man, retired SPO3 Arturo Lascanas, I definitely do not feel secure and safe inside Duterte's prisons. If I die inside Duterte's prisons it is not because I committed suicide, but it is because the President has finally ordered me killed. In the unfortunate event that I die in prison, you all know who my murderer is.

I have never been more determined to continue the fight against this murderous, incompetent, and corrupt regime, and I continue to look forward to the day when the barbarity and tyranny of this regime no longer reigns over our nation, and I am finally freed from prison. This is why I will never contemplate suicide. Life still has so much to offer me after this personal test that God has made me undergo, to humble myself before our Lord and our people so that I can serve Him and our people better.

Naglipana pa po ang mga death squad ng Pangulo, kabilang na ang mga pumatay kay Mayor Espinosa na noon ay nasa loob mismo ng kulungan katulad ko, ngunit siya ay nagawa pa ring patayin ng mga pulis sa utos ng Malacañang. Kaya nga kinatatakutan ko na baka ako ay "ma-Espinosa" dito sa loob ng PNP Custodial Center, at papalabasin nilang ako ay nag-suicide. Ito lamang po ang dahilan ng pagpapakalat ng mga fake news na ito at mga sinabi ni Speaker Alvarez na ako ay nasisiraan na ng bait.

Wala po akong sakit, at buo ang aking pag-iisip. Kaya po walang dahilan na ako ay mamatay sa sakit o magpatiwakal dahil sa lungkot. Inaasam ko pa po na masaksihan ang pagharap ng rehimeng ito sa Dambana ng Hustisya, at ang kasunod nito ay ang pagbibigay hustisya sa libo-libong mahihirap nating kababayan na kanilang walang-awang pinagpapatay nang walang paglilitis.

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