Press Release
October 12, 2017

Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros on Mayor Sara Duterte's remarks

I am saddened by Mayor Sara Duterte's recent remarks against me, especially since we have had several friendly interactions over the years. I am grateful for her support during my election campaign and I have honored that support by defending women's and gender rights, health, human rights, and our country's democracy.

From the very beginning, Mayor Sara knows where I stand on the issues of human rights and the extrajudicial killings that have been happening in the country. I have been consistent in this regard. My stand on the war on drugs and my current criticisms of the administration should come as no surprise. Dissent is healthy in a democracy. It serves a check and balance to abuse of power and a way to better governance. It should never be viewed as a hindrance.

I harbor the Mayor no ill will and I wish her well. But this is not a question of loyalty. This is a matter of service, of consistency and of principle, and the defense of the rule of law and human rights. I am sure, as a fellow public servant, she understands that.

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