Press Release
October 20, 2017

Grace Poe on the termination of BURI contract

It's about time that the DOTr took decisive action against BURI. BURI has proven to be an incompetent maintenance service provider, and the riding public has suffered more than enough with its dismal record of train breakdowns and derailments that have become almost daily events. We expect BURI, however baseless its cause of action may be, to take legal action against the DOTr, which could take years to resolve. Thus, we have to caution the DOTr to anticipate accordingly and take all necessary actions to make sure that the MRT continues to run and, hopefully, provide better service.

In any case, the DOTr should ensure that the people do not suffer from unreliable and unsafe public transportation during the course of litigation. The DOTr should therefore address/answer for the repairs and maintenance of the trains by either immediately looking for a new contractor or by creating, in the interim, a technical and engineering team that will see to the repair and maintenance of the trains.

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