Press Release
November 11, 2017

Dispatch from Crame 196
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on PNP's inaction on visiting request made by the Global Progressive Forum


My heartfelt thanks to European Parliamentarians NORBERT HANS NEUSER (Germany), ENRIQUE GUERRERO SALOM (Spain) and their colleague in the Global Progressive Forum, PAOLO ALBERTI (Italy), for their attempted visit to me this morning.

Since there was no action on their request duly made even beyond the 10-day prior notice rule, these foreign dignitaries were effectively denied access to me.

Third time it happened that foreign guests of mine were barred, and not accorded even the courtesy of a formal response to their requests.

What's happening? These cannot be mere instances of administrative lapses and/or incompetence on the part of PNP authorities. It's already a deliberate policy of oppression and violation of my rights.

These dignitaries are my guests. There is neither rhyme nor reason to deny them their right to visit and check on my condition. No law or rule bans such visits. These are not terrorists or in any way threats to national security or public order. These are dignitaries of considerable stature in their respective countries, and even globally as members of the Global Progressive Forum.

This is so wrong and unjust.

I demand respect for my rights, among them visitors' access, as a detention prisoner who is constitutionally presumed innocent, as I am truly innocent, and as a sitting and working Senator of the Republic.

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