Press Release
December 16, 2017


Concerned about the health of the people inoculated with the Dengvaxia vaccine, Senator Richard J. Gordon chairs the hearing conducted by the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee purposefully with the goal of ferreting out the truth.

During the two hearings, Gordon, in his aim to protect the citizens, laid the predicate by presenting a timeline of events to ensure that resource persons are not waylaid from their testimonies.

"I want to draw out the truth because the health of the 830,000 people who were inoculated is paramount here. This is not a bridge, this is not a school. This is about the LIFE and DEATH of our children. And the people are calling for something to be done. That's why I want to ensure that we establish what really transpired," he said.

Gordon explained that the committee will come up with a report that will include recommendations on how to hold accountable the officials responsible for endangering the peoples' health and proposed legislation to ensure that the same circumstance would not happen again.

"Kailangan malinaw kaya I was presenting a case. Since my staff has totally worked on the whole thing in order to get logic and rhyme reason to the investigation I have to present a timeline which is extremely difficult because it's a long timeline. We do our homework. We presented the timeline to show how the offenses were committed. And napalabas ko yung points na dapat mapalabas," the senator said.

"I was respectful to a former president but I was also proving my point, if you look closely at the questions," he added.

During the hearings, the committee established that there was a conspiracy in procuring the dengue vaccine with such speed and immediately implementing a vaccination program with a vaccine that was not yet proven effective at that time.

It turned out to be the country's major health nightmare today after the vaccine's French manufacturer, Sanofi Pastuer, admitted recently that the vaccine poses more risks for people who had not contracted dengue before inoculation.

"Nakita natin na talagang minadali- wala sa GAA (General Appropriations Act) at talagang hinanapan ng pondo para mabili na bago magsimula ang election ban kahit hilaw pa yung vaccine dahil hindi pa ito sumasailalim sa kumpletong proseso ng testing at that time," Gordon stressed.

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