Press Release
January 26, 2018

Statement of Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto
Puno panel must crowdsource wisdom of the people

The Puno committee is a league of extraordinary gentlemen. It should be able to meet the people's expectation of an output that is far from ordinary.

The President is right in forming a study group on the Constitution whose members cannot be tempted to propose amendments tailored to their own personal interests.

Although they are competent to speak on Charter change, the mandate of the appointees, however, is to listen to the diverse opinions on how to improve the basic law.

On this, they are expected to crowdsource the wisdom of the people and digest them into a compact piece of recommendations for the sovereign, and their officials, to act on.

The consultations to be conducted by CJ Puno, SP Nene Pimentel and company will further enrich healthy discussions on the nation's most important document, including the ones to be conducted by the Senate, which, I understand, will not cease on account of the presidential initiative.

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