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February 2, 2018

Villar sees the continuous success of the gamefowl industry

Senator Cynthia A. Villar, chairperson of the Senate agriculture and food committee, is confident that the gamefowl industry will continue to be successful in the coming years.

Speaking during the 5th International Gamefowl Festival & Pigeon Pavilion at the

SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Villar said the event is an effective platform for industry players to showcase their products and services.

She said it is also an opportunity for gamefowl raisers breeders, hobbyists and traders to be able to network and take advantage of business opportunities in starting local and international partnerships with other participants from here and abroad.

Moreover, she said the festival is a good venue for animal raisers, backyard farmers, breeders, small and large-scale farm owners as well as gamefowl enthusiasts and hobbyists to compare notes and to be updated with the latest trends and innovations in gamefowl industry.

"This event has grown in relevance also since many Filipinos have their own small or medium-scale gamefowl breeding farm or business, and so the

featured products and services in the various booths or pavilions here, such as the veterinary products, animal healthcare, feeds, equipments, and other supplies," said Villar.

Furthermore, she said the event features and supports entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which the senator said she fully back up.

Being a part of the festival since it started in 2014, Villar said she has seen and witnessed the growth of this industry. She emphasized that the industry just gets bigger & better every year.

"It is good that every year, you have something new to offer. Last year, it was the 2017 World Pitmasters Cup featuring the delegation from the American Breeders Association. And this year, highlight ang Pigeon Pavilion. We know that the number of pigeon raisers at breeders have been increasing," said Villar.

She said the featured lifestyle zone, gadgets, technology and equipment as well as animal wellness products will also be interesting to many attendees.

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