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February 23, 2018

Livestream traffic projects, Marawi rehab into Palace infra war room, Recto tells 'builder-in-chief'

There is no magic bullet that will solve Mega Manila's Carmageddon.

It is a cocktail of solutions: from big government projects to small acts of courtesy on the road; from changing laws that will result in faster construction, to a change in behavior that will result in discipline; from dispersing economic activity to the regions to consistent enforcement of traffic rules in the city.

Malacañang should lead whether the solution is engineering, or education, or enforcement, or empowerment in nature.

I think it is time for the President to convert one of Malacañang's halls into an infrastructure "war room" where he and his men can monitor in real time the progress of big-ticket items in the multi-trillion-peso public construction portfolio.

The transportation crisis has reached a point where solving it has to be monitored daily by the nation's builder-in-chief.

I would even suggest that work on big projects - like Marawi's rehabilitation, the various train projects - be livestreamed, so that any hour of the day the President can view it from this room or on his cellphone. He should even order that MRT's CCTVs be linked to the war room because raw live video is the best feedback.

If he wants to fully harness ICT, he can even order that live feeds from other important facilities, like the NAIA, be streamed into that war room, so he will know if his order for shorter queues has been complied with.

Pag report niya sa umaga sa Palasyo at bago sya umuwi, pwede siyang dumaan dito. Maaari ring magkaroon ng scoreboard na ipinapakita ang pondong nai-release na, tulad ng para sa classrooms at mga ospital. Da best kung geo-tagged ang mga proyekto, para isang click lang, lalabas ang status nito. Pwedeng clustered by LGU, para lalabas kaagad ang listahan ng mga proyekto.

Ito ang gusto ng taumbayan, lalo na doon sa mga lugar na ang flood control projects ay nilumot na, o mga highway na binungkal pero iniwan, na malamang ang Presidente is "on top of the situation." The war room should also receive complaints from citizens.

This is a benevolent-Big-Brother-is-watching management and diagnostic tool. Hindi pwede ang tamad at makupad kasi 'Tay Digong is watching.

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