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March 7, 2018

Co-Sponsorship Speech for the Confirmation of Lt. Col. Lorna Regina B. Legarda to the rank of Colonel, Philippine Air Force (Reserve)

Mr. Chairman, when brains and beauty combine in a person's well-being, it may be difficult not to take notice, especially when she speaks on matters and issues closest to her heart: environment.

Mr. Chairman and esteemed colleagues of this uniquely generous and kindhearted body, at least in today's confirmation hearing, it is my distinct honor and privilege to second the motion that the Commission give its consent to the nomination of Lt. Col. Lorna Regina B. Legarda, to the rank of Colonel, Philippine Air Force (Reserve).

Daring and passionate. This is how our distinguished colleague from the province of Antique, Sen. Legarda, was portrayed by People Asia magazine on the cover of their latest issue.

With our nominee's outstanding record as a topnotch senator, environmental champion, indigenous peoples advocate, peacebuilder, and a lot more, I'll bet my bottom peso that no one would disagree to the observations made by one of the country's finest magazines.

She has remained committed to pursuing excellence, as shown by her impressive academic background back from her early school days up until the time when she graduated at the top of her class at the National Defense College of the Philippines with Master's Degree in National Security Administration, which earned her the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

In her 20 years as a public servant, the Filipino people have seen her passion in pushing for the passage of the following key legislations:

* Philippine Climate Change Act

* People's Survival Fund Act

* Ecological Solid Waste Management Act

* Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act and its expanded version

* Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act

As her vice chairman in the Senate Committee on Finance, I'd say that my professional ties with our nominee can be likened to a love-hate relationship. How many times have we stood up and spoken out our minds from different sides of the table? I'd say not a few. At times, we agree; many times, we simply agree to disagree.

However, Mr. Chairman, at the end of the day, I see our nominee as a woman of action - a doer and a mover.

Mr. Chairman and distinguished colleagues, it is for these reasons and more that I second the recommendation that this body give its consent to the appointment of Lt. Col. Lorna Regina B. Legarda, PAF (Reserve) to the rank of Colonel of the Philippine Air Force (Reserve).

I so move, Mr. Chairman.


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