Press Release
April 30, 2018


As the Philippines celebrate Labor Day along with the majority of the countries in the world, Senator Richard J. Gordon saluted the Filipino workers for their great contribution to the country's economic development.

"Today, we give honor to the workers who strive every day to give the best to their family and move our country's economy. As we celebrate Labor Day, we give recognition to their hard work and sacrifices," he said.

Gordon, cognizant of the fact that Filipino workers are very much sought-after abroad because of their skills, talent and hard work, has been calling for the creation of more jobs and livelihood opportunities so that Filipinos won't have to seek greener pastures abroad, where a great number of them are often exposed to abuses and risks.

"With our country having the right population age, we really should strive to create better job opportunities that would encourage our countrymen to FIND their FUTURE in our own FILIPINAS so they won't have to FIND their FUTURE in FOREIGN SHORES. The Philippines is rich, having a strong workforce. If we get the most out of this very important asset, the Philippines could be propelled towards a first-world country status," he said.

The senator expressed optimism that a bill he proposed, Senate Bill No 1325 or the Regional Investment and Infrastructure Corporation (RIIC) Act of Central Luzon, which aims to spread development in Central Luzon by creating an investment and infrastructure corridor, would serve to the benefit of Filipino workers.

"RIIC, which we plan to change into Regional Investment and Commercial Hub (RICH), aims to optimize the use of available infrastructures and the available resources, both natural and human, to entice investors into the region. This will create jobs and provide alternate choice for our countrymen who are working overseas. With investors required to put up housing near the workplace for their employees, workers won't have to spend long hours travelling to and fro work because they can just bicycle to work. That would allow them more time to spend with their families and enjoy quality time with them after work," he said.

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