Press Release
May 1, 2018

Sen. JV Ejercito backs Pres. Duterte's decision to ban OFW deployment in Kuwait

I fully support the decision of President Duterte to permanently ban the deployment of Filipino domestic helpers in Kuwait.

Just as a father would do everything to protect his children and loved ones, President Duterte, as the father of the nation, would rather see our kababayans alive and well than see them maltreated, abused, or worse, come home in a casket.

Wala namang ama ang tutunganga lang habang nakikitang napapahamak ang kanyang mga anak. Gagawa at gagawa siya ng paraan para mailigtas ang kanyang mga anak. I think that's the feeling of the President.

So, let us not begrudge the President's decision because I'm sure that the safety of our women was foremost in his mind when he came up with the decision.

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