Press Release
July 12, 2018

Transcript of Sen. Grace Poe's Interview
ANC Headstart with Ms. Karen Davila

On no elections

Ms. Karen Davila: Sen. Grace Poe, welcome back to Headstart. Thank you for coming. Perfect timing, the SWS survey comes out, you are a far number one from who is number two and there are already talks of possible no elections in 2019 if the draft federal government, this charter, is passed. What's your reaction first to no elections?

Sen. Grace Poe: First of all, I don't know where Congressman Alvarez is getting his facts. The Constitution specifically states when we're going to have elections, and 2019 is certainly an election year. So, okay, you can probably amend the Constitution but even if you do, you need the Senate vote. Now the issue is voting separately or jointly, and maraming mga issues diyan 'di ba. But it will still have to go through the process of going through the Supreme Court if it needs to be resolved. But let me also remind the public that first of all, for very simple issues or laws, you have to vote separately. Kapag magbibigay ka ng pangalan ng kalsada, 'pag magbibigay ka ng bagong pangalan ng eskwela, voting separately. Something as crucial as this, you're voting jointly? I don't think that was the intention of the framers, and time and again, Mr. Monsod has been saying, no definitely, 'di ba the intention is voting--hindi lang talaga napalitan because they were preparing for a unicameral system, I think.

Davila: Now, with talks that possibly there may be no elections, what do you think is the impact? First, will the Senate accept it?

Poe: I don't think so, and I think the public should not accept it. Siyempre maraming hindi mapapagod kasi walang eleksyon, baka biglang walang patayan kasi walang eleksyon. Pero alam mo Karen, hindi nila talagang pwedeng gawin na no election, sinabi na ni Senator Sotto, nasa Konstitusyon natin iyan. So kahit na palitan pa nila iyan sa Lower House, mag-usap-usap sila doon, kailangan pa rin ng approval ng Senate, and kami, alam ko, at least resonable naman ang mga kasama ko. Sa tingin ko naman we don't want to railroad these issues, it gives a bad impression also about our country. What are we trying to do?

Davila: But we already have the Speaker saying that you know what, they can make amendments without the Senate.

Poe: The Speaker says a lot of things, (they are) not necessarily true. Remember he is not the voice of the entire Congress. There's the Senate that he has to deal with and our Senate President already said that is not possible.

On SONA/constituent assembly

Davila: Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay yesterday said that one of the fears is this coming State of the Nation Address, it could be convened as a constituent assembly and force voting, if the Senators walk out, I mean you're clearly outnumbered.

Poe: Karen, what message are they trying to send? Kung gawin nila iyon, halatang halata sa taumbayan na may ginagawa silang kalokohan. Bakit nila idadaan doon, if they really believe in their proposed charter, why would they pull these kinds of stunts? Make it go through the proper process, and remember, kapag pinagdebatehan iyan on both Houses, kailangan pa iyan dumaan sa plebisito. Sa bandang huli, ang taumbayan pa rin ang boboto. Payag ba kami diyan o hindi? So kahit na magconvene ng gano'n, makikita ng tao, aba parang niloloko na ata tayo nito. Siguro naman hindi na papayag iyan at hindi iboboto iyan. So para sa akin, alam mo Karen, I'm running in 2019--if I run in 2019--I'm not even sure at this point.

Davila: You're not even sure, why not?

Poe: It's a personal reason for me, I have to talk to my husband about this. But my point is--no election e di hindi kami napagod 'di ba, pero that's not the point. What's the long-term effect of this?

Davila: I can't let that go because it's big news that you're even thinking of not running, and some people may think politicians say that dahil gusto nila nililigawan sila or kumbaga going in and out, but then the point is you're already number one so you don't have to go into a mold of, okay I may not run or I'll run. But what are you going through that really makes you not think of running?

Poe: It's really the reason put forth by my husband, I thik that he--more than us--I think he's traumatized by what happened during the last elections and he's thinking, if your landmark or your pet bills were already put forward then--already approved, my feeding program for example, for the lunch program, and I thank also my colleagues in the Senate who helped me, and especially well, of course, the President for signing.

Davila: May pera iyon, yung feeding program?

Poe: May pera iyon, bibigyan talaga ng pera iyon. Para sa akin malaking bagay na kasi iyon. Kung para do'n lang sa tingin ko malaking tulong 'yan sa ating mga kababayan. So kailangan ko pa rin talagang kausapin--at saka Karen, the numbers will not necessarily be the same next year. It's not really indicative of your placement in the actual time of elections, that can't just be the sole basis.

Davila: But then your way off, in terms of your being number one, the gap between you and number two and three is a bit big, in other words it's a walk in the park for Sen. Grace Poe.

Poe: It just takes one particular issue to change all that. So I'm not banking on that. What I am more gratified with is the approval ratings and the trust ratings. That's not available to the public, but when I see it, that's the one that is most heartwarming. How much I am trusted, and that's what I want to keep.

On proposed federal form of gov't

Davila: Are you even open to a federal form of government?

Poe: You have to be open to any proposal if you are a lawmaker. Having said that, am I particularly open to this federal form? Our country is not exactly that big, and to chop it up that way and to have certain provisions like the FOI, or let's say the Anti-Dynasty still in limbo, although it's there, I have my reservations. Plus, bakit, we want more funding? Give them more funding. Remember, with the BBL that they are trying to push, and then you're going to have the federal form of government, can you imagine the block grant being given to the BBL, I think in 10 years they're supposed to receive P1.3 trillion, that comes from the national government. What if other federal states demand the same? Who is going to fund all of them, the national government's income will be diminished because obviously, the larger share will go to the local governments at that point so, I think, are we really thinking this through? I know it's the President's promise, but we have to think also, maybe, I think the President might also be thinking that might be too unwieldly later on. So let me see first what the actual proposals are. I don't want to be bound by my statements at this point because it's still a draft. But I've heard about a few provisions that might be good.

On Anti-Dynasty provision

Davila: Now the Anti-Dynasty provision was put in the federal draft but the problem is, it may not pass in the House, and former CJ Puno says that's a non-negotiable because it's, in essence, what keeps the federal form different and also stronger. Now, if it doesn't pass in the House, what are your views?

Poe: That for me is a big concern because as we see now, Karen, the local governments are controlled by a few families. That's why it's so difficult, parang nagkakaroon ng mga kingdoms 'di ba, iba-iba. If we want a more participative government, you can't have a control of the few. And especially now, what are the names that are prominent, you go to Region 1, pare-pareho, Region 2, lalo na sa ARMM 'di ba. So for me, that's also a non-negotiable. If you want a federal form of government, let's make it more accessible, even if you're not a prominent family, you're not exactly wealthy, you have a chance. And if they don't include that in the provision, I think it's self-defeating. Having said that, I'm not also saying, 'di ba sinasabi nila, each person has the right to choose what path they want to take, so if you have an Anti-Dynasty bill, papaano kunwari artista ka, yung anak mo maganda rin, magaling rin umarte, qualified, ikaw may business ka, 'di ba pinamamana mo rin sa anak mo, so then nagiging gano'n. But then I always remind myself that you have to make sacrifices when you serve the people. Government is not a negosyo, hindi negosyo ang gobyerno so kahit na sabihin mo na kayang-kaya ng anak mo o ng pamilya mo, kung ikaw ang nandiyan, magsakripisyo ang iba.

Davila: Okay, there are parts right now of the draft that you do agree with, the Bill of Rights for example.

Poe: From what I've heard

Davila: Yeah, it's more extensive actually than the 1987 Constitution.

Poe: Because the current Constitution that we have, the 1987, has civil and political rights. I think now they've expanded it to include economic and social rights which means that we have a right to quality education, quality healthcare, etc. So that's good. Again it will be more demanding for the government to be able to fulfill that, otherwise you'd be in violation of the very Constitution. So some may argue that you can't be too detailed. But I think it's a good safeguard to have that in the Bill of Rights. Another thing is also when it comes to our territories. I think there, it specifically mentioned that when it comes to arbitration, we will recognize credible international courts of arbitration. So having said that, today is the anniversary of the arbitration court ruling siding with the Philippines. So if we had a Constitution that specifically stated that, then there would have been no argument. We would have to implement that and follow it. I am for diplomacy and for peaceful negotiation but at some point we also have to say 'no, but that's ours.'

Davila: So you believe right now in terms of how we're dealing with China, the Government and the Department of Foreign Affairs is already remiss?

Poe: Definitely we could do more. We're a little too nice. Maybe they say, oh we can't really go to war. War is not the only option, even just with statements, just a psychological effect of saying that is ours. And you know when you think about the small fishermen who are restricted in that area, who are being bullied, I think that's reason enough to assert a little bit more, and ask also, okay International Court, you have that ruling, how about our allies in the world, what are you willing to do? At least come out with a statement. I think all countries, even China, will be reasonable in negotiations. But 'di ba, you give your finger, they want your hand and then your arm, 'di ba later on, what kind of relationship are we trying to build, is it one where we're really at the losing end.

On electing a transition President

Davila: Still on the draft Constitution, one of the alarming things that Speaker Alvarez said is the possibility of electing a transition President. What are your thoughts on that given that it's quite clear in the 1987 Constitution the terms of, to be fair, the President and the Vice President.

Poe: Well, definitely both the President and the Vice President will have to step down in 2022. Now, if--and this is a big if--their draft is approved in 2019 before 2022, I think there's a provision there that says kasi that everybody elected in the 1987 Constitution shall finish their term, which means that the President now and the Vice President will have to be the transitional one if they can't be booted out of their position because we will still have to honor the 1987 Constitution.

Davila: In other words, not elect a transition President?

Poe: They have to stay there until 2022. Now, if beyond 2022, with the approval of this, if they say okay we will begin the implementation of that after 2022, then it's possible because you're not bound by the 1987 Constitution.

On recent killings of local gov't officials

Davila: Just recently, President Duterte met with different clusters and discussed the killings of local government officials in recent weeks, the last few weeks, there are already four, the latest coming from Tawi-Tawi, the Vice-Mayor. Election hotspots are quite common in the Philippines but this is way too early, some say, considering that 2019 elections is still a few months away.

Poe: Karen, it's unsettling and terrifying when you think about it. Remember, one unsolved killing begets another. And if there are no arrests, there's no deterrence, and if in the US or other countries, you have primaries, in the Philippines, it seems there's the killings before the elections. Bakit Karen, magkano ang bayad sa hitman, sabihin na natin P100,000, that's on the high side. Magkano ang gagastusin mo sa eleksyon kung malakas ang kalaban mo? And the sad thing is, I think that the war on drugs is being used as a smokescreen for political killings. Ibig sabihin, sasabihin nila, 'e kasi nasa listahan iyan ng drugs' so kung ako yung kalaban, nasa listahan yung kalaban ko ng drugs, 'pag pinatay iyan sasabihin ng mga tao 'kasi drugs' pero ang totoo no'n, political. Now whatever the reason is, murder is murder. So you don't want to have a state of lawlessness, definitely this has to stop otherwise, again, you know the government may be succeeding in their war on drugs but there are other forms of violence that need to be controlled.

Davila: Are you satisfied with how the PNP is handling this considering it's four killings in a span of less than two weeks.

Poe: There's a breakdown on the enforcement of the PNP, absolutely. But you know, I like General Albayalde, I think he's a credible man. On the other hand, the PNP is a huge institution, I think they have to get the message that you have to solve these killings otherwise your effectivity is diminished.

Davila: I'm curious, Sen. JV Ejercito was interviewed and he said that it's come to a point that usually you don't want a bodyguard but then you end up now fearing for your life and need a bodyguard. Are you in a state already, being a high-profile politician at number one. I mean I don't think you've made many enemies because of your personality and temperament but do you fear also for your life at this point?

Poe: No, I'm not exactly a fatalist Karen, but what I'm saying is what will they gain for me to shut up. I mean, I'm being very cautious also, but you know you don't put yourself in a situation that will also put you at risk. But I don't think I need a bodyguard. Sabi nga, wala pa namang napapatay na senador dahil sa posisyon. Si Sen. Ninoy Aquino pa lamang pero hindi naman siya senador noon. Kasi yung sa amin, ang mahirap talaga yung local kasi parang halos one-on-one ang laban diyan. Pero sa Senate naman nationwide so there's no guarantee, there's no assurance that whoever will get you, will benefit from your vacant position unless maybe you're number 12.

Davila: If you do run for the Senate, hypothetically, if you decided finally, where will you go? Will you still run as independent? I know that you have a group in the Senate, right?

Poe: Well Sen. Tito Sotto is saying 'I'll be your campaign manager' for the reelectionists.

Davila: Yeah he said that but among the young ones, aren't you all a group?

Poe: Sen. Sonny, Nancy, JV, of course Sen. Cynthia. So marami kami pero-

Davila: But you'll be running with the Duterte group?

Poe: No...first of all, Karen, I am an independent politician. I don't really have a party. During the time of President Noynoy, they adopted me but I wasn't an LP member. Kung may magiimbita sa iyo, kukunin ka, e di maraming salamat. Wala namang nagiimbita sa akin ngayon. At saka si Sen. Tito Sotto--at saka Karen, when you do a national campaign, you can really do it on your own, if you already have established your presence and rapport. I think that in 2016, I went around extensively. That's why I think my advantage is I know the nitty-gritty issues of many regions because I had to prepare for that, so when I come back, if I have to go around again, I think--hindi naman sa pagmamayabang, importante ang partido lalo na kung administrasyon pero kung ayaw ka naman nila, 'di ba.

Davila: Oo, do you think in terms of values and what you stand for, you can do it?

Poe: I think that's what sustained me for this--not exactly that long--but that's why people like you there. Now if you deviate from your character just to accommodate certain political mindsets then you lose your brand, you lose your message. And I think, my only guidance really, and some may be saying na ayan na naman you're invoking it, but what would my father have done. Whos's FPJ in the eyes of the people, tumutulong. So even my bills are geared towards that. Magandang pagusapan yung mga kung anu-anong mga issues, peace and order is important pero laman sa tiyan, laman sa utak, kalusugan, these are very basic advocacies...

On defective PNP Mahindra patrol vehicles

Davila: Alright still with us is Sen. Grace Poe, this is the second half of Hot Copy. You are calling for another hearing, of course, this is on another matter. First was on the DOTC hearing, now is on the purchase of P1.89 billion worth of the PNP's Mahindra vehicles.

Poe: Okay Karen, for you to be able to implement the law and to be effective, you should have your mobility assets. P1.8 billion of Mahindra cars are now in question, that's why I filed a resolution for the blue ribbon committee and also the public order committee to look into the COA findings. P1.8 billion, do you know Karen that a lot of those cars are unusable? There's an anomaly when it comes to their presence in the country, they've not established themselves and yet the PNP chose Mahindra over Toyota or Ford. And their reason is, 'eh kasi they were the only bidders,' because the terms of reference were skewed to accommodate them. That was what I felt, as early as November 2014, I already wrote General Purisima.

Davila: 2014?

Poe: 2014, November. Why is this the case? Why are you favoring a company that has no established presence or performance in the Philippines? Imagine Mahindra, and yet the DBM approved it. Hindi sila natapos doon. After approving the purchase of some of the cars, they continued with the second phase of purchasing. You know what's happening now? The COA findings said, they did not do an operation needs assessment. Ibig sabihin they did not go to the different precincts to ask the police, 'ano ba ang kailangan niyo? Ilan ba ang kailangan niyo? Mabundok ba diyan?' Kung sasakay ka sa Mahindra, Karen, ikaw ay pulis, back to back kayo. So, kapag pinagpapawisan pa yung isa, didikit pa sayo 'yun. Not to mention yung performance niya, mahina, matakaw sa gasolina. Ang iba diyan nakatengga lang, kinakalawang. Ang service center hindi available, pati yung parts. We already spent P56 million in servicing those cars that are only three years old, 'di ba.

In Republic Act 9184, the Procurement Act, dapat may retention amount. Yung kumpanya, Columbia Motors, whatever they're called, should have had an escrow to leave money so that if there's a problem, and also the Anti-Lemon law, may warranty. So talagang, may anomalya... Rappler said, they did a survey, and I think 57 percent of the policemen said, 'No it's not a good car to use,' and 13 percent said it's good and the rest are undecided. You know, bakit madaming undecided, siyempre ayaw naman nilang magsalita about it. So talagang malaking problema 'yan. At saka ang bilis, parang na-procure nila yan, magkano yun mga P800,000, makakabili ka na ng Innova noon. Dati, ang mga kotse natin Toyota.

Davila: Now what is the role, first, when are you setting the hearing? When is the date?

Poe: It is not in my hands now, because it is under the--I think it may be referred to the blue ribbon committee and especially the public order committee. So for me, I am confident kasi you have the meticulous nature of Senator Gordon, too meticulous but good so hindi niya palalagpasin 'yan. And then you also have the fairness, the evenness of Sen. Lacson.

On Roxas

Davila: What do you think is the role or the accountability of former DOTC Sec. Mar Roxas in this particular deal? I know that you are calling him to the hearing right?

Poe: This is a chance for him to explain himself, Karen. The bulk of the budget of the PNP comes from the DILG.

Davila: My apologies, DILG...

Poe: DILG siya, so siyempre ikaw ang Secretary, bago mo isubmit sa Kongreso, titingnan mo muna, 'papayag ba ako diyan?' So, something that big, the DILG must know about it. I remember when he was interviewed and he was asked, 'supposedly deficient yung mga Mahindra cars na in-order ninyo,' ang sagot niya 'paninira lang 'yan.' So siguro pwede niyang i-explain ang sarili niya doon. Pero, again, hindi naman ako ang magtatanong lang sa kanya, may mga ibang senador rin naman, so mabuti na rin 'yun. Pero definitely, General Purisima should be there. But here's my question Karen, the PNP now doesn't seem to investigate it. They should be the first ones 'di ba? Why are they not returning those cars to Columbia Motors, I forget the exact name. Bakit hindi nila sinasauli 'yun, tatlong taon pa lang 'yan eh.

Davila: I think it's Indian. Some might be asking, isn't already this personal on your end with Mar Roxas. Because remember, the reason I said DOTC is prior to this deal with the PNP when he was DILG secretary, you did call for him to attend also the hearing on MRT maintenance issue right, and he was DOTC Secretary then. So, imagine from that, the maintenance issue on MRT-3, to this. So, you have some people asking, is Grace Poe out on a hunt against Mar Roxas?

Poe: No, no. Okay, on a personal level, Secretary Mar, we have no issue, maybe. But what I'm saying is this, ewan ko kung minalas lang talaga siya na 'yung mga komite ko, public order, DILG is under that because of the PNP. Tapos public services, the DOTC is under that, under public services. So Karen, ganito 'yun: Will I worry about the impressions of people or should I worry about my role and what I need to do in the Senate? Obviously, I will choose the latter. Para sa akin, isipin na nila kung ano ang gusto nilang isipin. Bakit, bastos ba ako sa kanila? Hindi ba binabase ko lang naman kung ano yung mga talagang mga ebidensya. At saka in a Senate hearing, it's not just me asking. He can go there, para there will be no doubt. I can have Senator Gordon ask him all the questions. I don't even have to participate but see, that's the thing. I'm really in a pickle also, because I was once a candidate for President... I have to sometimes be critical. Hindi dahil sa gumaganti ako sa kanila. Para ano? Para ma-proklama ako? Hindi na nga ako nanalo, talo na nga eh 'di ba. So para saan? And remember, I did this not because I desired the position. People may not believe it but it was, it's really, for me, I felt I needed to offer that time, President Duterte wasn't even-

Davila: Yeah. Do you feel vindicated with the fact that the Ombudsman, before leaving office, filed a case against former DOTC Secretary Abaya and others, except dismissed though the plunder cases, I believe, if my memory serves me right, against then Sec. Mar Roxas and a few others.

Poe: Okay. Alam mo Karen, kung mayroong magaling siguro doon sa nakaraan, yung mga iba sa kanila ang galing na hindi sila ang nakapirma pero sila pa rin ang nagbibigay ng direktiba. But of course, we have to only deal with hard facts. So I see also where there is a conflict, maybe a struggle, in the Ombudsman to implicate. Okay, nandoon na ako, but definitely I feel kind of a little bit bitin when it comes to the DOTC cases kasi parang, alam mo, halos plunder na kasi 'yan kapag ni-railroad mo yung bidding process, nagkaroon ka ng emergency procurement, pero again, I'm not a lawyer, maybe they cannot directly link yet but hopefully in the process of hearing that, it might be upgraded.

Davila: Okay. So you are disappointed? You feel the cases...

Poe: Okay, at least it's going forward. I believe also in the integrity of our Ombudsman now, and I'm praying, this is an institution that we really have to vet our candidates, to be non-biased because it's a fixed term naman.

Davila: I won't ask you about the candidate appointment for Ombudsman. Moving on the next is, this is important, the TRAIN. There's a lot, there are calls right now, already inflation is at 5.6 percent, calls to actually suspend TRAIN 2. At least the second, it's supposed to be focused more on corporate income taxes but you also have the second tranche of fuel increase coming up. And Diokno said, no way, no way will it be suspended.

Poe: Okay, there is a provision in the TRAIN law that says when the price of oil reaches $80 per barrel for a certain period, it will be suspended. So, they have to be compliant with that. The sad thing is, we're just right in the cut off, like $76-78.

Davila: Which the impact is the same as $80

Poe: Yeah, but the point is really, that's why there are mitigating factors. For example, fuel vouchers that they still have to roll out. Remember, January pa lang they already implemented this or February but the fuel vouchers that are supposed to be given to legitimate jeep drivers--hindi pa. And then increasing the unconditional cash transfer recipients from 4 to 8 million, they're still in the process of doing that. Implementing the discounts for students, senior citizens and those belonging to the minimum wage earners of 50 percent of our population, there's no implementing rules on that yet. So these social protection measures that were supposed to have been implemented simultaneously with the TRAIN haven't been done. So obviously, you will have this imbalance. So, you know, it's so harsh for them to say, 'no we're not going to suspend it.' I would want them, I would want to hear them say, 'no we are already rolling out these safeguards to protect the poorest of the poor'.

Davila: But I'm curious Sen. Grace, is there anyway to not implement it?

Poe: It's the law, Karen, so unless you fulfill one of the provisions, again I mentioned the price of oil, you cannot suspend it. Now, TRAIN 2, the impression is bad there, kasi ito na naman tayo, tax 'di ba.

Davila: Jan. 2019

Poe: So sa tingin ko, dito talaga magkakaproblema. But TRAIN 2 is more about corporate income taxes. Giving them a tax break to encourage investments in the country. That's good but it's also decreasing incentives for certain industries. Let's say, I think the BPOs. So it will just even out but again there's the reality, they were saying something like they might increase sin taxes more, certainly when you think of sin taxes, that's fine but that will add to inflation, kahit na papaano.

Davila: Okay, it hit 5.6 percent, so that's what I wanted to ask you, do you think the government was wrong in projecting the inflation rate?

Poe: Well of course it's not perfect science. A lot of it also is, you know, making the right analysis and speculation but there were talks that we should have increased interest rates earlier but maybe because some were saying that it might affect the TRAIN deliberation in both Houses, it was delayed. So now, we're playing catch up. It's like we're below the curve because the US already has. So now, you have your dollar outflows, etc.

Davila: Yes.

Poe: Which is more like of an impression thing. I mean, our credit rating is still good...

Davila: Yeah. Quickly, before we go, we have a few minutes to go, are you satisfied with the current state of the MRT?

Poe: Better... I have to be honest and objective. Nagkaroon kami ng meeting ni Secretary Tugade, a few times na parang detente and he was saying kung pwede 'wag muna akong mag-criticize regarding the MRT kasi they're still catching up on getting the inventory on the parts, and I agreed. Kasi tama nga naman, it was the last one, the last maintenance provider that didn't provide the necessary replacement parts, so now, they're playing catch up. And I'm happy to say that at least fewer breakdowns now, not perfect. We need more coaches, we need more trains. Ito na nga yung problema, balikan natin yung Dalian. We're trying to make it fit, we have to make adjustments. Why do we have to make adjustments?

Davila: So right now, they say that the Dalian trains will soon be used after officials previously said that it does not fit the rail system.

Poe: Right, it will soon be used but they have to make certain adjustments, like the signalling system, etc. So from the beginning kasi sinasabi na nga natin, bakit Dalian na naman ang pinili ninyo? Ano nanaman ang track record ng Dalian? Ikumpara mo sa Bombardier, ikumpara mo sa Sumitomo, 'di ba? Tapos bumibili pa ng parts sa Raon. Karen, hindi ba sasakit ang loob mo, na makita mo na 50 million ang binabayad mo or $1 million every year on maintenance alone tapos makakakita ka ng resibo na kung saan-saang tabi-tabi lang binibili. Obviously, may kalokohan silang ginagawa. Malas na lang talaga nila na napunta sila sa committee ko. Hindi ko naman pwedeng balewalain...

Davila: Last words, when will you announce your finality to run? Or are you saying no, I won't run.

Poe: I have to talk to my God. And I have to talk to my mom, and definitely my husband.

Davila: On that note, Sen. Grace Poe, thank you for coming to Headstart.

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