Press Release
July 18, 2018

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Statement on the 2019 No-El Scenario

Speaker Alvarez's floating of a No-El scenario in 2019 destabilizes our democracy.

It projects uncertainty, especially at the local government level.

It subjects the exercise of the people's right to suffrage to political exigencies and agendas, in this case, Duterte's push for his so-called federal constitution.

It undermines the legitimacy and authority of local government officials because it makes their terms uncertain as hold-over officials.

In whatever capacity the hold-over LGU officials will serve under a No-El scenario, they will be more prone to pressure from the President if they do not have the mandate given in elections. This pressure would include support for federalism and charter change, even when the popular sentiment is unmistakeably against these.

Kaya nga siguro pinapalutang nila ang usapin ng No-El para mapilitan ang mga LGU officials na sumuporta sa Federalism. A sinister ploy, like some other moves or plans of the Duterte regime.

With or without charter change, there is no substitute for regular elections to assure the autonomy of local officials and local governments from the narrow and self-serving political agenda of the President.

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