Press Release
November 15, 2018


In the modern-day retelling of the film Ang Probinsyano of my father, Fernando Poe Jr., we are grateful because the series not only honors his legacy in the industry, but also offers to the Filipino televiewers quality entertainment that espouses the values of family, respect for elders, courage and patriotism.

It is fictional, of course, and carved out of the creative minds of the people behind the production.

The story emanates from the source material, with bits of twists. There are antagonists in the story, which did not only include the police, but many others. Pwede natin sabihin na "bato-bato sa langit, tamaan ay 'wag magalit."

But let's look at the bigger picture of the entire plot. And, that is, despite the wrongdoings happening around us, there are cops like Cardo, and his team, who will always fight for what is right and just.

Let's not overlook the redeeming value this has to offer. In the end, the menace will be subdued by what is true and good.

How the people view the police is based on the actions of the real police they see on the streets, and not on the acting of fictional cops they watch on screen.

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