Press Release
January 5, 2019


First, we urge the government bodies on board to get their acts together. There should only be one voice on this matter, otherwise, it would send confusion to the telcos and the public.

Second, while the draft Memorandum Circular on the common tower was said to be duly heard, the strong opposition and the number of stakeholders against it should prompt the proponents to pause and listen to ensure it would be free from legal hurdles.

Third, we need as much towers as we can have, which are compliant to safety and environmental standards. Restriction could limit the number of towers that may be built during the period, which would be counterproductive to the government's aim of improving telecommunications infrastructure in the country. To limit it to two tower companies could also infringe on the right of the telcos with congressional franchises to build their own infrastructure.

TowerXchange, an independent community for global tower industry, showed that Asian markets with the highest number of cellular towers in the region implement a common tower policy that allows for more than two TowerCos.

This policy should lead us to the direction of breaking the telco duopoly, having meaningful competition among players, and most importantly, better internet service at affordable rates to consumers.

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