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January 7, 2019

Poe wants "timbangan centers" set up in all public and private markets in PH

To assure Filipino consumers that the products they buy from groceries or public markets have accurate weight and size, Sen. Grace Poe has called for the setting up of "timbangan (weighing) centers" all over the country.

The use of a "timbangan center" by any consumer in any locality -- which should be within the area where there are public or private markets, supermarkets, groceries and even malls - will be free of charge, according to Poe.

Poe recently filed Senate Bill No. 2050 as a way of protecting the consumers from substandard products.

"The height, weight and other measurements are the primary indicators of the quality of a product. If the actual measurements of a product do not meet what is published, then it is a likely indicator that it is defective or even substandard," she said.

"Filipino consumers must be protected from these defective or substandard products," the senator added.

In proposing the establishment of "timbangan centers", Poe is also seeking to amend and introduce a provision in RA 7364 otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines on its creation in all local government units (LGUs).

This is to make all "timbangan centers" to be placed in publicly accessible locations and enable those who may want to verify the accuracy of the quantity and measurements of the products they purchased.

Poe proposed that market supervisors be in charge of the safekeeping and maintenance of such instruments.

They shall likewise keep a record of all products found to be wanting in quantity or substandard in dimension, the establishment where the same were bought and the name of the proprietor or manager.

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