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January 9, 2019

Sen. Ejercito eyes construction of PCG hospital

Senator JV Ejercito has proposed the establishment of a hospital exclusive to Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel and their dependents.

Ejercito recently introduced Senate Bill No. 2128 which seeks to establish the PCG General Hospital in the Coast Guard Base Taguig in Lower Bicutan, Taguig City, aimed at providing a comprehensive and total health care service to all PCG personnel and their dependents.

In his proposal, Ejercito emphasized the need to not only protect but promote the wellbeing and the medical needs of the PCG personnel and their dependents.

“Considering their herculean task, injuries, accidents or deaths are inevitable. Our Coast Guards have been often placed to various dangerous situations at sea that may risk their very life in the performance of their duties and functions,” he said.

Aside from maritime safety, environmental protection and security, Ejercito said part of the mandate of the PCG include search and rescue operations and maritime law enforcement, placing them in dangerous situations.

“This measure aims to recognize their hard work, bravery and heroism. To address their wellbeing is the State’s utmost concern without sacrificing and jeopardizing the future of their family and loved ones,” he said.

“Hence, it is only imperative that a PCG Hospital be established, intended primarily for our Coast Guards and their dependents to address all of their medical needs and other services,” Ejercito added.

Putting up a PCG General Hospital will ensure the availability, accessibility and affordability of quality health care to its personnel including their dependents, the senator said.

“This is the most opportune time to create and establish the PCG Hospital which is in conformity with the policy of the State to provide quality and efficient health care services, in relation to the national government’s health care agenda,” said Ejercito.

Under his proposal, at least P400 million is to be appropriated for the construction and initial operation of the PCG General Hospital.

For the succeeding years, appropriations for its operations shall be included in the annual national budget, Ejercito said.

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