Press Release
January 21, 2019

On lowering the age of criminal liability of minor children to 9 years old
Focus on 98% crimes by criminal syndicates, not 2% by minors: Sen. Kiko

PNP intelligence information shared with the Senate at the time the Juvenile Justice Law was being amended in 2013 stated that minor children involved in criminal activities are emboldened to do criminal acts because they are coddled and backed by criminal syndicates run by corrupt men in uniform or corrupt local/barangay officials.

Going after minors is a convenient way of allowing criminal syndicates and corrupt government officials and elements of the PNP to get off the hook while making it appear that government is strong on crime.

PNP data submitted to the Senate also states that less than 2 percent of crimes nationwide are committed by minors. If this government wishes to end pervasive criminality, it should focus its efforts on going after the more than 98 percent rather than the less than 2 percent but then again it is easier to go after helpless minors than it is to go after powerful criminal syndicates backed by corrupt coddlers in government.

Ano ang pinagkaiba nito sa kasalukuyang drug war na ang maliliit lang at walang kalaban-laban ang dinidiin at pinapatay habang hindi kinakasuhan o nahuhuli ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno, mga drug lord at sindikato na ilang ulit ng nagpalusot ng bilyong-bilyong pisong shabu sa Customs?

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