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January 30, 2019

Simplified adoption bill awaiting Duterte's signature

A measure aimed at simplifying the adoption process and allow the rectification of "simulated birth" of a child has been transmitted to Malacanang for President Duterte's signature.

The Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) submitted the enrolled bill -- the consolidated version of Senate Bill No. 2081 and House Bill No. 5675 -- to the Office of the President last January 22.

Hopefully, the measure would be signed into law in time for the week-long Adoption Consciousness Celebration from February 10 to 18.

Once enacted into law, the adoption process of some 6,500 "unwanted" children would be soon hastened, doing away lengthy court proceedings.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) showed that about 6,500 children have been declared available for adoption, almost 4,000 of them are under the care of the government and non-government residential care facilities.

Under the measure, prospective parents need not undergo the lengthy judicial process in the adoption of a child, which usually takes more than six months to complete.

The proposal, sponsored by Sen. Risa Hontiveros in her capacity as chair of the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality, also "grants amnesty and allow the rectification of the simulated birth of a child where simulation was made for the best interest of the child, and that such child has been consistently considered and treated by the person."

"Birth simulation" refers to the tampering of the civil registry to make it appear in the record of birth that a child was born to a person who is not the child's biological mother.

Republic Act 8552, also known as the Domestic Adoption Act, "penalizes any person who shall cause the fictitious registration of the birth of a child under the name(s) of a person(s) who is not his/her biological parent(s)."

This provision makes adoption process "tedious and excessively costly for ordinary Filipinos," said Sen. Grace Poe, principal author of the bill.

"This leaves a lot of adoptees under assumed filiation and unduly deprived of the benefits of legitimacy and succession," Poe said.

To fast-track the adoption process, those who simulated the birth record of a child should be exempt from criminal, civil and administrative liability provided that the application to rectify a simulated birth record should be filed within 10 years from the effectivity of the measure.

Instead of going through the courts, those who will file a petition may do so through the Social Welfare and Development Officer of the city or municipality where the child resides. The DSWD Secretary shall decide on the petition within 30 days from receipt of the recommendation of the department's regional director.

After all requirements for administrative adoption have been met, the child shall be considered the legitimate child of a person and as such is entitled to all rights and obligations provided by law to legitimate children born to them.

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