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January 31, 2019

Sotto files resolution calling for nationwide prayer every first Thursday of February

Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III today called for the declaration of every first Thursday of February starting this year and every year thereafter as the "Synchronized National Interfaith Prayers for Peace and Reconciliation."

Senate Resolution No. 1002 filed by Sotto is aimed at encouraging and persuading all Filipinos, regardless of their religion, to actively participate in reciting a universal prayer initiated by the PasaLord Prayer Movement - the Prayer for Peace in the Philippines.

The said prayer has an English, Filipino, Cebuano and Hiligaynon versions.

An interfaith movement launched in 2017, PasaLord Prayer Movement seeks to unite Filipinos of various creeds and denomination to pray for peace in the Philippines, its founder and lead convenor Mrs. Lourdes "Bing" Pimentel said.

"One of the laudable activities of the movement is to organize a nationwide movement of prayer at noon of every first Thursday of February and every year thereafter to be called the 'Synchronized National Interfaith Prayers for Peace and Reconciliation' to intercede for peace, unity and prosperity in the Philippines," Sotto said.

While it is expressly provided for in the provisions of the Constitution the separation of Church and State, it is believed that encouraging the people to pray as a single nation regardless of religion, cultural race and social stature in life will not violate any law, he said.

"It is noteworthy to cite that in the Philippine Senate or in other government bodies, whether in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, they start the day's work with a prayer to the Almighty God as it is believed that the Divine Providence will guide government officials to come up with policies and programs through God's mercy and intercession that is beneficial to the people and the entire nation," the Senate leader said.

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