Press Release
February 9, 2019

Otso Diretso will ensure a coco levy bill truly beneficial to coco farmers: Sen. Kiko

The President's veto has put a cloud of uncertainty on when the country's coconut farmers would finally be able to benefit from the coco levy fund.

It is their money -- from years of toil and sweat.

The measure before the President is not reflective of the farmers' sentiments and needs. It has gone through a tedious process of revisions and has lost its soul.

However, the veto means we are back to square one. We urge fellow advocates of the coconut farmers' cause to stay the course and again work on the proposed law that would truly be beneficial to the farmers and the industry.

Most of our Otso Diretso senatorial candidates -- Sen. Bam Aquino, Atty. Chel Diokno, former Solicitor General Pilo Hilbay, and former Deputy House Speaker Erin Tañada -- have worked with our coconut farmers to right the wrong and return to them what is rightfully theirs.

The election of the entire Otso Diretso will ensure that control and management of the billions of pesos in coco levy funds will be given to our farmers, so that their lives will finally be better.

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