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February 21, 2019

Being a unique cultural property

In a bid to honor the memory of National Artist for Architecture Francisco Mañosa, Senator Nancy Binay urged the National Commission for Culture and the Arts to declare Tahanang Pilipino (Coconut Palace) as a national cultural treasure.

Mañosa died at the age of 88 on Wednesday, February 20.

"I urge the NCCA to declare the Coconut Palace as a national cultural treasure. The Coconut Palace is a pure expression of Mr. Mañosa's pursuit of a truly Filipino architecture, which he himself condensed into: Filipino values, Philippine climate, and indigenous materials," Binay said.

A National Cultural Treasure is defined as "a unique cultural property found locally, possessing outstanding historical, cultural, artistic and/or scientific value which is highly significant and important to the country and nation."

Binay, who heads the Senate Committee on Tourism and Cultural Communities, said that besides its cultural value, the Coconut Palace is also touted for serving as testing ground for the viability of indigenous products.

"Iba't ibang technologies ang ginamit to expand the use of coconut, which was the main product used," Binay said.

The structure also houses a mural by Araceli Dans and poster beds designed by National Artist Napoleon Abueva.

Binay said the Coconut Palace is a source of the Filipino people's pride.

"It is a monument to Filipino creativity which can stand side by side with modern architectural wonders," she pointed out.

The lawmaker emphasized the need to protect and preserve the country's built heritage as a "means of reminding our people of our ever-evolving identity."

During the Anthology Architecture and Design Festival last week, Binay lauded architects who "continue to push boundaries while at the same time tapping into the Filipino consciousness and using materials that are indigenous to us in the pursuit of building structures that represent Filipino ideals, and aspirations."

"Mr. Mañosa is foremost among those architects who have strived to forge the Filipino identity through structures that embody the best of us. I hope that we honor his memory by ensuring that his creations are preserved so the next generation can also enjoy them," the senator said.

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